Beware! Awaken! Keep your eyes open for false teachers teaching misleading messages about Yeshua. Today I talk about the real roots of Yeshua and speak about; Jude 1:4 I say this because some ungodly people have wormed their way into your churches, saying that Yahweh's marvelous grace allows us to live immoral lives.


22 thoughts on “Law vs Grace and Roots of Yeshua, The Living Torah

  1. Who is a lier who does not sin, 1 John 1:8-10. Your flesh will sin, the flesh is dead because of the Spirit. The soul cannot sin because the Spirit was quicken. Ye are saved by grace and faith in Jesus Christ not by keeping 613 Old testament laws.

  2. Amen brother. What many of these “Christians” are not saying what is in the scriptures and what Jesus taught. It was Paul who changed all this saying it was “nailed to the cross”. Paul was antisemitic too.

  3. Amazing Amazing Amazing  how followers of Yeshua of which I am one can go to Church and read his words and still not understand it truly is stupefying !! Some one is talking about the Sabbath and he has been told any day is the Sabbath, we may of course worship any day we choose of that there is no problem we certainly can you can do that every day and every hour, if you so desire. BUT there is only one Sabbath that our Lord has established and sanctified, the one day that He has made Holy on his terms and it certainly IS NOT Sunday. It is the 7th Day and the 7th day ONLY, how hard is it to figure out, we just do not want to listen because it interrupts our schedule or work or whatever. We need to be honest with ourselves and quit our lying to ourselves. By not keeping that day Holy we are sinning its just that simple, we need to listen to the Spirit that Yeshua sent if we have him, and not the church, you are the church we are the church start listening to Yeshua. Keeping that day Holy means the whole day just not services but the complete day from sunset to sunset, read and study and pray and rejoice in our Lord praising an thanking him the whole day not carrying on our business or even our interests but paying attention to Him only.  Some one else is talking about the New Covenant the new Covenant will be with Israel not the Gentiles we have this time NOW our Lords acceptable time is NOW and when he returns it is not going to be that easy anymore, do not be fooled by anyone Listen to Yeshua hear his voice, all those who believe now and follow will be saved from Gods wrath, but  not from Tribulation it will come and is coming soon, be prepared.   Some one else is talking about forbidden foods, our wonderful God knew in the beginning which animals were healthy for us to eat and not to eat, he told us what to eat because he wanted to spare us bad health and diseases. But we seem to think we know more than he, Yeshua is right by all means its not what enters man that defiles him but what comes out of his mouth. But that still does not take away the fact eating certain animals is just plain unhealthy and disease ridden. God was trying to protect us, Pigs for instance are gluttons and will eat anything and everything, they have an acidic system like we do they overload their system by overeating, so the bacteria germs and diseases transfer to their own bodies because of the overloaded system cannot keep up, then when we eat them we injest the germs or diseases directly form eating them. All we had to do was listen BUT we don’t seem to be able to hear his voice or don’t understand his knowing (Adam and Eve seemed to know more too, we inherit it honestly can anyone see it besides me. Did you know that water can be infected with cholera and when you put shell fish and shrimp in that same water it will become purified and able to drink, from their scavenging, they are scavengers created by God to do just that and when we eat them well guess what happens, we should be listening.  We have to get over second guessing our God and let him lead us, and just quit rebelling.   Praise you Lord God ancient of Days Thankyou for being you and Thank you for Yeshua and his Love for us       Lord let me be as David was a man after your own Heart Lead me in your paths and protect me keep me in your hand, and all those who are yours   So be it !!

  4. Yahweh is the same yesterday today and forever …the Torah (Yahshua) (word) has been here since in the beginning of creation sooo this means that today 2014 (5074)  we should still have the Torah taught lived and breathe

  5. A lot of people don’t understand this, even a lot of Christians.

    It’s time we All understand it Now.

    Being a Christian is Not a Religion.

    Being a Christian is a Relationship with God the Creator and Lover of your soul through Faith in Jesus the Christ/Yeshua His Son by the Holy Spirit of God that He sends into your hearts.

    What a Mighty God we serve.  🙂

  6. One purpose of the Gospel was to lead away from the outward limitations of law to a higher standard of holiness.What “higher standard”?The righteousness of God apart from the Law. How? By the law of the spiritWhat is the law of the spirit?The law of the spirit can be defined as the mind of Christ and the living spiritual principles by which He operates. The law of the spirit gives life. The law of the letter brought death, hence “…our sufficiency is from God, who has made us competent to be ministers of a new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit. For the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. “2Cor 3:5-6)
    The law of sin and death consists of our sinful nature interacting with the Law of Moses such that as Jews we lived in condemnation continually. There is another law, as Paul told the Jewish believers, that sets free from the law of sin and death. Paul names this law as “the law of the Spirit of life” (Rom 8:2).”…through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you[a] free from the law of sin and death.” (Rom 8:2)The sins that bind us produce a passion to perform the sinful acts. The “law of the spirit” sets us free from this bondage in furnishing us with the power to choose holiness – meaning the Spirit overpowers the passion produced by our sinful tendencies.The Spirit provides us with the desire, the wisdom, and the power that enable us to gain victory over every sin that binds us. God through Jesus Christ has given us a program of redemption that enables us to gain victory over all sin. This does not mean we instantly are, in and of ourselves, sinless. It means the Spirit will lead us one step at a time so we have more victory each day.”Therefore, brothers, we have an obligation—but it is not to the sinful nature to live according to it.” (Rom 8:12)Our “obligation” is to live according to the spiritual nature.What does that mean in practice?It means that you are like Christ for if you are like Christ then you don’t … have any other God but His >>> Abba, Father,
    … go around creating and exalting idols,
    … go around taking God’s name in vain (e.g. the irreverent use of “God”)
    …  rest with peace and assurance in Christ’s finished works,
    … go around dishonouring your parents or those in authority over you,
    … go around murdering people, 
    … go around fornicating with the spouse of others,
    … go around stealing from or defrauding others,
    … go around spreading lies about others,
    … go around seeking anything that belongs to others,
    … etc. etc. Why? Because instead you ACTIVELY love the only true God and honour Him with ALL your being and serve Him by ACTIVELY loving all men and women and children and ACTIVELY protecting their life, their name, their family, their possessions… everything about them…with ALL your being.
    This is the natural fruit of God’s Spirit working with your spirit. This is the evidence that you love from the heart. You evidence good will to all people. And by “love” I mean divine (agape) love, the real thing, the very same love that Jesus had and revealed >>> self-sacrificing love, the same love He commanded his disciples to reveal because they loved Him.

  7. What you say is music to the holy Lord ears! but you must remember,…… The Lord said we shall know them by their fruits. do you not think that if a bad tree has bad fruits that it is saved and has Jesus inside of him……………….. Do you think that since good trees produce good fruit in obedience that these are the ones that truly are saved and have the Lord Jesus in living inside via the Holy Spirit ? so since the Holy Word of God says to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, we must conclude that if they have been told and they harden their hearts they will be guilty, but if they are still ignorant and have not been told nor have they read I don’t know if they will be held accountable in this instance. lol thats not an absolute. For the Lord says my people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge. it is the Lord who draws them to seek, if they are not seeking to find the truth then the Lord is not using them. so indeed what they say from their own mouth with their accusations that we who keep his every word and wish to keep his every word and wish to please him are trying to use them I’m not being saved, they have set up themselves. all we were doing was urging them to be obedient and they always come back with the line, you’re saying I’m not saved unless I do the work. this is their guilty conscience bearing witness. Jesus would simply say to them you yourself have said so.

  8. GRACE is a person….Jesus Christ
    People who say that grace gives people a license to sin, have a limited view of Jesus. Grace isn’t a license TO sin, Grace has set you free to NOT sin.

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