18 thoughts on “Learning Hebrew – lesson 11

  1. yeah, I got done. Thankyou. I am taking hebrew via internet through seminary and their are no videos. Your teaching is awesome. I have told everyone I know!
    Shalom, John

  2. @sadax1 won’t they pronounce that as essètèr instead of esstèr? Is it realy possible to prounounce the S and the T next to eachother without an extra vowel in between?

  3. I really apreciate your teaching, I’m finally learning hebrew, to understand the law of Moses and the prophets, wich is totally conected with my LORD JESUS CHRIST, May the LORD of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and also my GOD bless you, with the knowledge of the CHRIST, wich is JESUS, so that you can have this joy that many born again Christian have, thank you for sharing your knowledge with everybody, that speaks of your love for every one,

  4. So, may I assume the Torah has no vowels? I guess reading Torah is just more practice, but not knowing what is being said? lol I would not understand a word of it. ; )

  5. Hi,

    Just wanted to say thanks very much for making these videos. I have been working through them over the past few weeks. Thanks again 🙂

  6. Hi, I am Rachid from Morocco. I really appreciate your effort. I only want to say thank you very much because hebrew is easier with you. I really dream to speak this language because we live with many Jewish citizens here in Morocco. Toda raba…………….

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