21 thoughts on “Learning Hebrew – Lesson 2

  1. Marifroz, with some accents, they are pronounced differently. The big difference, is when they are printed, they give us grammar hints.
    I am glad you are enjoying the videos.

  2. I appreciate your efforts for real thanks allot man … But my question is what is the difference between the Kamatz and petach both are the ( a ) vowel voice can u just explain please :/

  3. Thank you so much for making these videos. As one who is a highly visual learner and struggled with learning a second language in college (ended up settling on ASL because it’s visual) your videos make it so easy to learn a language I always wanted to know. I homeschool my 6 and 4 year old, and they are learning Hebrew right along with me!

  4. I bought your book and it’s great. It took me about a week to learn all the letters. The links in it didn’t lead here, though. They led to a site with some songs. Wish I’d had these videos then. Anyway, I’m enjoy watching them now.

  5. Im Jewish and i forgot hebrew a couple of years ago and these vids are gonna and are helping me get into a yeshiva highschool so thank you so much 

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