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20 thoughts on “Learning Hebrew – Lesson 6

  1. it may be hard but I am jewish so it is really esay so if you take note and study them at school you will definetly get it esseir and this is one amazing way to learn hebrew so keep up your good work so some day you can talk with someone in hebrew and no one will know what on eath your saying so this has some advantages but i am learning this for fun! i love speaking hebrew.

  2. OK Third line second yellow box. There is a mark between the vav and the yud. What is that. I was looking at some of the other studies and saw it. Is it another sound? If so how does it work? It is also between the vav and yud on the last line first and second box.

  3. I have to say, except for the resh mistake, I was doing really well. I think there is too much in this lesson and the explanation, with worked examples could be greatly enhanced. I really don’t get it here and I am stuck…. real pitty!

  4. Shalom, in lesson 6 at 3.14 there is on the third row an alef with a sheva and a petach under it. How do we pronounce that? And the little bleu Hey makes me curious. Toda, great lessons!

  5. Thank-you so much for these wonderful lessons. I am a “senior” student so it is taking me awhile to complete them. Once again, thank-you for the tremendous amount of time and effort you have put into these lessons.

  6. Dear teacher: as a senior citizen who suddenly has developed a desire to learn something of great importance to me and to all mankind I want to thank you.
    It has been 3 days since I started the lessons… may I live long enough to be able to read even a few passages. Shalom

  7. Same for me too!!!!!
    I got lost on this one. It was starting to click then this one was the wrench in all the hard work. lol.
    Practice makes perfect! Good luck.

  8. The alef-bet is what I remember from my days of going to Hebrew school 7 decades ago – and I also remembered how to say ‘boy’ and ‘girl.’

    I still get stuck with the same letters as I did back then! However, because I started to attend services I began to practice reading along. When I got lost, I went ahead a couple of rows, kept my finger on a familiar letter and waited until I heard that sound — and proceeded.

    I want so much to really speak and converse, not only to read. Toda rabbah!

  9. Shalom:Ā  I appreciate the lessons from bnaiorpueblo. I have one request from lesson 6 in that you have the 2 parts to repeat, but it would be more beneficialĀ  to go through all the words. Thank you

  10. Shalom , Although I find Hebrew to be a difficult language to learn , your method of teaching makes it a lot easier to grasp thank you

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