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  1. Thanks for posting…some of us christians have had our eyes open to this truth…I can only speak from my own experiences…I was awaken..tho still drowsy back in ’88 when prophetic words were spoken to me thru a pastor in which I was given a title..( Princess of Israel ) I have no knowledge of jewish blood in my ancestors. It took a rescue mission from the Lord to whisk me up north to where he wanted me to be introduced to my hebrew roots thru a Messianic congregation. My walk with the Lord Yeshua changed & I will embrace the hebrew roots of christianity till my last breathe…there is NO going back after your eyes are opened to tge truth

    • +Bert Graef  that is a misunderstanding of Galatians.  Salvation is a gift of grace but that does not mean that the Jews have no place in expressing the Feasts of the Lord.  Paul says to “Keep the Feasts”  Read Rom 9,10 & 11!  Love you Bert don’t be bitter toward our Jewish brothers.  All of us are growing.

    • Bert Graef, and then what will happen to us if we “silly people” read Galatians? Will we deny God’s commandments? Who has the power to overturn God’s everlasting covenants? Sabbath is an everlasting covenant and one of the ten commandments. You much have the testimony of Jesus Christ AND keep the commandments of the Father will say, Away from Me I never knew you.

    • Bert Graef, read the book of Acts where Paul came to Jerusalem and kept the feasts. As for the Talmud, I personally don’t know anyone who believes we should follow it! Jesus was very clear he was against these teachings which added burdens not found in Torah.

      Does God change? There is no shadow of turning with Him. We have to be wary of another gospel. The New Testament does not supplant the Root of Torah and cannot in any way contradict it or it is false doctrine. Jesus did not change Sabbath, the feasts or the food laws but kept them perfectly and we are to walk as He walked.

  2. Thanks for bringing this to our attention Paul. I have my doubts about this movie as it seems to promote the “church” but I hope I’m wrong. I hope they use the real names and show that we need to keep Torah and the Feasts of YHWH along with the trust of the Messiah, as well as take hold of the covenant and BECOME Israel.

    • +Michael McDaniel Your comments show 2 things, (1). Your lack of knowledge and unwillingness to comprehend (I.E. I didn’t say my messiah was white… I said he was a middle eastern Jew and also I did not produce any movie). (2). Your denial that this is a race issue to you when that’s what has you so upset. Those are truths I suggest you become “willing to confront”. Fact… Egypt was VERY cosmopolitan,….european,mid eastern, african and native egyptian all living and trading there. Fact… Egyptian’s are not of the same racial lineage as central and southern africans. The descendants of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob run thru the entire color spectrum. In Revelation it says ” Burnished Brass” which means Polished Brass NOT burned brass…. go look at a piece of polished brass (it’s very bright, almost gold in color) which by the way is a combination of copper & zinc neither of which separately or combined can be confused for a mahogany let alone darker colors. It also does NOT say he has “woolly” hair it says it is “as white as wool”. Joseph was not recognized because he “made “himself” strange unto them and spoke rough voiced unto them”. again you put color in where it is not.  So…. back to my point and question…… The descendants of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob are of all the colors. If color doesn’t matter to Jesus why should it matter to anyone? Again… Please… Don’t let the hatred of racism twist the word of God. 

    • +THEFAITHFULPALADIN I’m not in the least upset! the messiah was black, so was egypt messiah mixed in with them so did joseph(  you can read all the greek you want all the masoretic text you want all the representations you want it’s faulty I don’t have to be upset!  and have confronted these issues before, it’s a non issue to me of what color!, that being said why go out of your way(producers of biblical films) to make him white thats all! if you’re going to tell of an account tell the truth! than you don’t have to explain! His Name is YAHUSHUA by the by!!!!! I’am not a racist and never have been! all I did was ask a question followed by fact I didn’t label you why do you label me!(judge) it’s not enough to know the truth we must love it!

    • +Michael McDaniel You are mistaken….There is NO evidence nor can anyone produce any proving what color Yeshua (Hebrew pronunciation,…you might want to take a course on Etymology) was!! The text’s and history you’ve been taught are flawed….Sorry….. Believe what you wish, that is certainly up to you, I just question why color is so important to you? I didn’t judge you, your own words did that by making this an issue of color when it shouldn’t matter, and your question of “Are there any Ysraelites in it?” then defining that as “black” only highlites it. You can have the last word if you like, I was just curious about your original question to begin with…… African replacement theology has always….. intrigued me. Gods grace be with you.

    • +THEFAITHFULPALADIN you know what? enough already! I never said it was so important to me! you assume that! just because i raised the question I’am pigeon holed as a racist. I didn’t do that to you! when truth is truth  even by your responses you reject it! open your own mind! consider who did the account in Deuteronomy 28 ever Happen to? start there!  these faulty misrepresentations are damaging! since you didn’t produce the movie and are the only one responding than you are taking responsibility for the question,  for example, you give your own fleshly opinion about the Savior being hidden in egypt as faulty because egypt was cosmopolitian maybe the aristocracy (Ptolemies e.t.c.) but the general populace with whom he was disguised with was black! I only stress to you truth, this is but a ploy of satan! when the inhabitants on earth see HIM come they will say ‘thats not HIM because of what the people assume what HE is supposed to look like! I’m done!!!! ( Half truths will travel)

    • +THEFAITHFULPALADIN you know I just caught the end of your reply african replacement theology what!   Israel is in africa are you serious! sure anyone can be a part of Israel I’am not interested in the last word some people resist this fact this is not black vs. white it’s a lie vs. truth I don’t nor have I ever expressed exclusivity but they were there!!!   p.s.that part of the region was never called the middle east until the British called it so don’t be intrigued be studious!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I hope they mention how the Torah was tossed out and the feast days were replaced with pagan holidays. but i have my doubts about that. i was watching the interviews there is only a few Torah keepers in that movie but a lot of christians tho . and we know they don’t keep Torah or the feast days . 

  4. @ Michael McDaniel  I understand your question. It’s unfortunate that there are so many that don’t understand. I haven’t seen the movie, but race really has nothing to do with your question so much so the point that Israel was a middle eastern country, originally darker skinned people were the main crux until the diaspora where the middle easterners were “blended” or “hidden” in the nations. At this point, YHVH is calling His people out of “her” … who is “her” that is the REAL question. God bless you Michael as you continue the path to truth. A fellow journeyman on the path of truth.

  5. Ty for this movie!! Everyone needs to see this video. Not what the has been taught in part!! See the deception, taught for generations. Keeping the church from Roaring.. The root and the off spring of David.. How we (the gentiles) have been grafted into Union with Israel. Through Christ Jesus. When we attack and hate Israel, we do so unto the Lord God, who is the root of the whole vine. There is no more separation, but union… WOW! 

    • +Bert Graef Whoring with antichrist’s?  Isn’t that a bit unloving toward Messianic Jews who hold to salvation by grace through the atonement of Christ the Messiah?  The synagogue of Satan is a term meant to denote persacution of those who denied the Christ.  Messianic Jews do not deny Christ! As for God’s promises to Israel they are throughout the Old and New Testament.  God’s postion paper on Israel is found in Roman’s 9,10 & ll.  God loves the Jews and it was believing Jews who wrote the NT!!! The continued to worship in synagogues for over a 100 years.  They never ceased to becoming Jews.  Jesus told Nichodemus a Greek Jew that he had to be born again.  The only Bible then was the Old Testament.  Jeremiah and Ezekiel spell out the New Covenant and New Birth.  Revelation 7 and 14 have never been fulfilled.  A sign of a Christian is to love and forgive. Read the end of of Isaiah 53 and Pslam 22…the result of Christ’s sacrifice is to save Jews and Gentiles and also Nature’s curse will be removed [Romans 8]  If you can see the Sun, Moon and Stars God has not rejected the Jewish people.  I wish you the heart of Christ.  In His Love,

    • +Juniper Cosmic Yes it is true for now but also remember one of the greatest sign’s of Christ’s soon return is what He has been doing with Israel for the past 100 years.  Israel became a nation 1948  Israel recapture Jeruslem in 1967 and during the Jesus Movement of the 70’s many young Jewish people by the 1000’s became believer’s and they are now pastors, teacher, Messianic Rabbi’s  and some are professors in the greatest Seminaries!  Romans 11 says in the end of time the all of Israel will be saved.  God promised Israel a King and a Kingdom that would be eternal.  The Church and Israel have eternal promises.  God will work wonders during some of the most horrific times yet to come.  Study the Old Testament prophets more and you will see what I mean. In the Love of Our Great God and Savior,
      Jesus Christ
      Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem for it comes with a promise of blessing.

  6. I thank GOD for all the faithful christian`s, who are faithful with his word and puts it to pictures for all to see, and I cannot wait to see this film, Praise and Honor goes to OUR LORD and SAVIOR and I pray that unbelievers see and understand and receive his word, thank you again

    • Me too! I like to give most movies a try first;but God is our guide;so he’ll let me know somehow if this film is worthy of not on;y watching;but keeping in my collection as well. It sounds interesting though? Take care.

  7. Luther had made a trip to Rome and found indulgences and was sick at how man had taken God’s INFALLIBLE Word ,and twisted it into lies and deceit.This filming group has lost sight of history….but then,these are the days of changing history.obama is doing it with American history,so why not Christianity,huh? No one will ever convince me of any other history concerning the Bible and how Luther brought Scripture to the English speaking people.

  8. Luther appealed to the Jewish people of his time in a book he wrote,I believe,’Jesus Was A Jew’. He wanted to expose the deceit of salvation through Judaism.Many Jewish people rejected this proclamation as did the Pharisees during Jesus’ time on earth.When we come before God,He will not see Jew or Gentile….The LORD will see His Son Jesus.Jewish people and Judaism are not to be placed on a pedestal,but Christ ALONE.He paid the price for the sins of the world.The LORD was indeed concerned about His remnant,the Jewish people,that’s why He sent Luther/Calvin to share the true Gospel with them.And like the Pharisees,so many during Calvin’s time,rejected the Gospel.It will ALWAYS be about Jesus and no one else.Let’s never forget that.The Jewish people,as all the human races need to desperately hear the Gospel.

    • Daniel Smith thank goodness people are wise enough, we need more movies like this. It helps our children to know the Bible and help our children to learn the truth we need more Christian movies made for we are needing people to wake up, it is nearly the end of time they better be ready to go when Jesus crisis is in the air so I.

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