Why would someone desire to to eat animals and why is it healthier to be a vegan. In this video I explain the reason that so many people are addicted to eating animal flesh and how absurd it seems to a vegan.

Not suggesting you can't be healthy and eat animals but if you are eating animals you need to really ask yourself have you been tricked into thinking it was healthy? or is there another reason why?

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6 thoughts on “Let Your Food Be Food and Your Pets Be Pets

  1. Very good episode today…thank you for all you do to help people live healthier lives. I used to have pet chickens and it’s amazing how each had very distinct personalities. They actually made good pets !

  2. <3 so true! We are not to take death into our body. Plus, when people say they love animals and/or are against animal abuse, yet eat dead animal, they are hypocrites. But they are blind.

  3. i been following you for 5 years now but i now have to admit that i think you are wrong. durian rider has much better curative detox method. also much easier to stick to. you don’t look very well. please carb the F up. peace

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