The Hydro is the most portable purification system in the world. Applications endless: disaster relief, missions, camping, hunting, etc

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8 thoughts on “Life Saving Portable Solar Water Purification

  1. We DO know what’s going to happen in our future, it’s in YHVH’s Hand’s. Whatever His Will is, it WILL be done. Nothing happens without His knowing it and allowing it.

  2. Scam. Hey look the nasty Mississippi water goes into the black box and comes out here and I drink it ? Looks like a poorly executed magic trick. and it tastes better than any bottled water you can buy ? seriously ? better than Fiji or Evian? ok. what a ridiculous pitch. Why don’t I just get a Brita system ? Please somebody…. show me that I’m in error here …

  3. This looks great Paul, I just shared it to my Facebook Page! I looked over the Info provided by the Link, but it doesn’t mention anything concerning Fluoride, do you know if this will remove or at least reduce the Fluoride?

  4. Mmm sorry im a bit skeptical but all i saw was a pack pack that may as well had a water filled container in it and a small pump to pump the water out id want to see its works not a hidden device if im wrong well and good prove your machine dont hide it in a back pack im very susspect about it so prove me wrong

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