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31 thoughts on “Lifting Weights How Many Reps Should I Be Doing?

  1. How much do you weigh pastor? I work out 4-5 days a week. I’m 6 ft about 204 now. during the winter I get up to 215 and max out at a 315 bench for a few reps. I have a shoulder issue which limits certain exercises though.

  2. 6-8 sets per muscle group? So… what about different exercises? If I’m doing chest, I have dips, bench, incline, flys… I should do 2 sets a piece?

    right now im doing 3-4 sets per exercise, 8-16 reps per set, 5+ exercises per muscle group.

    • Kettleball training is very good for functional strength not effective in building muscle but excellent for ligament and tendon strength

  3. i think you should stick to teaching body building. Because the lies you preach about Gods word are going to kill you forever just like every preacher and those who follow them are soon to find out when my Father visits this world, as it is written.

    • +ronnie sanchez So Ronnie how long you been suscribing to nudist video channels? Is this like a personal fetish? I saw this attached to your channel Ronnie. “For all that is in the world is the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life”.

  4. Yep, low reps high weight for mass, skeletal, and hormone changes. High reps till and alot of burning / muscle fatigue to increase blood and water in muscles. Body builders dont lift heavy because they get hormones from outside source. They only need to get blood in muscles. No natural hormone manipulation needed.

  5. if your not an experienced weightlifter/bodybuilder plus 15 reps is to much , haney might do 30 , but hes done it for years , the first year 3 sets of 10 reps is fine , you want your body to get used to the verious exersizes. also if you able do squats and deadlift what really gives you gains is pumping blood. It also depends on how old you are im in my 40ies so go to the gym every other day in my 20ies i trained 3 days in a row one day of. Remember to start light then increase weight on every set.

  6. Interesting to see the emphasis on fitness! Are all male members of your church equally committed? Do you try to promote fitness with them? We see so many out of shape and limp and weak male figures now it would be good to see a group that gives value to keeping in shape.

  7. Brother watch out on for your joints with those high rep ranges,your not a spring chicken anymore! Me myself i like low reps 6 to 8 range with heavy weights with a lot of sets.And for arms i do 20 sets for biceps and triceps.You really have to be careful,protect your shoulders from injuries cause they really are worked during every upper body exercise you do so i use very light weights and high reps ranging up to a 100 reps with 5lb. dumbells.Stay blessed folks.

  8. I have started working out again. I rotate legs and arms on every other session. I am just looking to lose weight and tone so I do not strain myself with too much weight but enough that I know I am working out and increasing the weight as I go to stay challenged. I do 3 sets of 10 reps and rest in between sets.  I also do stretching, abs and cardio. I hope I am doing this right LOL. I love you, I am very thankful for you as well as my Brothers and my Sisters who set an example for us that need and want it. If it wasn’t for you “harping” on drinking water, keeping fit and eating right I don’t think I would have changed, but all glory to YAH!!! SHALOM!

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