Michael Rood welcomes Dr. Charles Thurston, MD and author. Dr. Thurston has served in hospitals throughout the US as well as traveling the world in search of the many infallible truths that bring the Bible alive.

The constellations were the emblems on the tribes of Israel. They had these zodiac signs as their standards. Judah had a lion. The lion is not the king of beasts. It is the beast of kings. The most fierce animal in the jungle is not the lion. Scriptures tell us that the lion is the symbol of the royalty of Jesus.

Every heraldry of Europe has a rampant lion raised up with a scepter between his paws. The scepter has a jewel on the end of it. That jewel is the star called Regulus, which means regal. That star, Regulus had Jupiter and other planets overlying it which made the star of Bethlehem which guided the wise men.

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