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Raw Food Health Author will take live questions via the comments below the this video on the youtube page. Also you can join the hangout live and speak with Paul. The link to join live will be in the comments sections during the live chat. You must be logged into your goggle plus page to appear on the video.


20 thoughts on “Live Health Q&A With Paul Nison Thursday Jun 16th 8pm est.

    • Me too! I’m loving this raw food diet, I just wish I knew about it before I had my heart attacks and gained all this weight. Twenty five pounds down in five weeks, just 75 to go. How wonderful a pain free life is!!!
      Philippians 1:3
      I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,

  1. What is the best food I can eat to replace the protein?
    I was amazed that I just noticed that my toenails are just about fungus free for the first time in 30 years and my rosacea is gone. You didn’t tell me that would happen! 🙂 <3

  2. please, if you can repeat the dates for when you will be in jacksonville. i didn’t get a chance to write it down. post on your website please? thanks

    • Dandelion,Chicory, and burdock help regulate blood sugar. Learn to harvest them yourself and make great nutritive effective medicine.Use them as Food,Fresh vinegar,Fresh or dried tincture.Buy them from a good herbal company online.

  3. About the book you mentioned about Ellen White from the Seventh Day Adventist church I read that she was a false prophet and if any book has any of her prayers I would not use those prayers yet the Seventh Day Adventist’s are know in these modern times to do very well in their dietary system since is based on the commandments.

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