27 thoughts on “Live Q+A – Exodus 1-18

  1. You touched on how possibly the ESV translators let their possible theology bias shine through. so whats you guys view on said theology, Calvinism?

  2. God bless you guys and all the wonderful things in the name of Jesus you are doing.
    Please try to sell the amazing drawings. I bet it will grow the fundraising, they are amazing and blessing to many people.
    I thank the Lord for each time I see things like this, I get sad at the world’s condition.

  3. 42:19 the Egyptians wouldn’t really leave an account of how their Pharoah who himself was believed to be a god got destroyed by a foreign god. They would do what all nations who suffer defeats do and lie and obfuscate history as much as possible

  4. as a reformed/Calvinists, I disagree with that breakdown of the text. but I’m still a big supporter of you guys. your work is great, keep it up. we can say slightly different things and still preach Christ Crucified. Praise God

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