23 thoughts on “Live Q+R – Deuteronomy

  1. I love these guys – super great exegetes! Don’t agree with every last detail, but def some of the most fun, chilled-out Bible nerds around! And it’s super great to have solid voices on the OT scene who have a seriously high view of Scripture, seeing as so many OT scholars these days are flagrantly liberal! Tim and Jon, I praise God for you!

  2. have learned so much from the Q&R, these vids should be kept in TBP webpage as a resourcing library,  just too many valuable info that can’t miss! 😀

  3. I soooooo can’t wait for Acts!!! I’m so excited about this ministry that I signed up to be a monthly supporter…love what you are doing!!

  4. A bit disappointed that you did not touch on the whole curse language that is picked up by Paul in, say Galatians. It seems to me that it’s key to understanding how the Messiah resolves the Holiness / forgiveness problem.

  5. Is your “professional” background graphic design? I would love to visit your studio next time I go to Portland…I was there a while back to check out some art stuff and visit some friends (lol they are going on tout this summer!!!!! hahahaha ) but most of the friends I went to art school with… but anyways, yeah we live in Eastern WA so I go every now and then…

  6. I’m a language nerd lol I’m focusing on Hindi/Urdu and Portuguese but dabble in some others…What are some good beginner Hebrew resources for Biblical Hebrew? Thanks!

  7. Great work guys. Informative, down to earth, engaging, God-honoring, exegetically responsible, fun. It’s like Car Talk…but bible-based with a PNW vibe.

  8. I think the reason ‘throat’ is used is because we breathe through it. The breath of life is what defines a living being or ‘nephesh’ in Genesis.

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