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  1. Thanks for all you do with The Bible Project. Love following you guys. I was doing the read through the Bible in a year plan. I am soooo behind you guys now. Been super busy. Needing to be more intentional about taking the time to get into God’s word daily again. You guys are such an encouragement to keep learning and moving into what God has for us when we get to know Him.

    • +Rita Habchi Multiverses are a hypothesis, not a theory. Time travel relative to others is very real and is why satellites have clocks that run at different rates than ours to keep in sync. 1 second in orbit is not equal to 1 second on earth. General relativity explains why. And quantum physics is well known about and the experiments from the LHC tell us what’s happening.

      God has no experiment, he has no necessity, he has no evidence. And things with no evidence are speculation.

      Do you have a problem that matter is primarily empty space? I mean, we’re not even talking about standard model particles here, we’re on the scale of atoms. The space between atoms in any surface is enormous. Hell, even the space inside an atom is enormous. The nucleus takes up such a small piece of an atom.

      And scientists haven’t created cells. You’re right. They also haven’t created planets, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t observe planets being created all the time through telescopes through natural forces. The origin of life was through simple, chemical means that like many other questions is still being pieced together. But to say that because we don’t know, we should make something up is preposterous.

    • +Jonathan Davies yes great start …go gather some books other than stephen hawking s books( great books though )start asking urself why questions rather than how questions.
      now when I started to believe in god I was reading a lot about afterlife experiences and other people experiences with god .I remember reading a book called the proof of heaven and finally the bible ..I also read a lot of catholic books since im catholic .the bible is the most amazing book. i also had my own experience …… it’s not a simple question to answer and it requires a lot of searching and reading and being humble I hope this will help u

  2. thank u for explaining/illustrating all those complicated difficult things in the Bible as if they were simple and easy, its 100 times easier to read and understand the Bible now!! you guys rock!

  3. Abraham met with the pre-incarnate Jesus, that’s why he didn’t burn up, right? (The ‘word of the Lord’ came to him. HE (the word) took him (Abraham) outside…

    Brilliant videos guys, thanks so much!

  4. This is awesome projects.. And also good forum to discuss about Bible between us as Jesus lover.. Hehehe.. God bless you, bro..! I love this topic about Holiness.. It is the basic knowledge of Christianity.. 🙂

  5. Kadosh in Hebrew, Qadeesh in Aramaic. Man, every Hebrew word I hear is extremely similar to Aramaic. I really want to learn Hebrew now.

  6. just a speculative thought. . . OT thought of a localized Holy place vs. all creation is a Holy space.

    At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook, the rocks split Matthew 27:51

    The Holy place was opened up, and things have changed in some way.

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