13 thoughts on “Live Q+R – Numbers

  1. People of the world watching you…..
    Dear I do loved your Video and it helped me to study Bible. I feel it will be helpful to my country man if i translated to Amharic. Can you do it?? Let me knew!! (From Ethiopia)

  2. I once read that “bless you” comes from the dark ages when the plague killed millions. People would say “bless you” as in “I hope you don’t get sick”. I don’t know if this is true tho hahahah

    • yeah, I heard that, too. And that anyone sneezing was thought to be a deadman, so therefore, “bless you” was well wishing for an easy and peaceful passing.

  3. Jesus and his disciples drank wine, how is smoking or eating cannabis products any different? Is it because the wine is used as a symbol and not a drug ? If so could i replace the wine with other drugs? ( Is the perfect christian always sober?)

    • Nothing at all is wrong drinking wine. However, drinking to excess is when it becomes sinful. One can drink wine without getting drunk, but I don’t think it is very likely that someone can smoke (or eat i guess) cannabis without the intention of getting high.

      The bible treats sobriety as a token of wisdom. So that is primarily, I think, why Christians aim to remain sober.

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