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Today we have a guest who has an amazing house and lives completely off the grid. He gives great ideas, tips and suggestions as he walks us around his house and property. Enjoy


20 thoughts on “Living Off The Grid #374

  1. With 1280 watts of solar panel 2400 amp hours of battery bank, the Aims 8k/16k power inverter. You can run two window mount A/c units 550 watts each , all day long. I keep two rooms at 64 degrees in the Arizona summers! I don’t know any way to power a central 3 ton A/C with a solar powered system as of yet, that I can afford!

  2. i am currently mkaing the switch to live off grid in a 16×16 cabin with loft, i have a 470 watt solar system right now, its not hooked up yet lol…still building the house, but we should be finished with it by the end of feb

    ron paul 2012

  3. Let me get this straight:
    The Grid uses turbines to product electricity…
    You are living ‘off the grid’ using turbines/propane gas/motor cars/ houses/plastics/ etc etc etc……………….the bearded guy says ..’no electricity in the house'(apart from the 12 volt system…lol)……..
    What exacrtly are you doing different to anyone else ?

  4. I think you will find many people who are energy aware.
    They are living in a rural setting and using the latest high tech gadgets made inefficiently via coal fueled power stations ‘out of sight’ in china to make ’em feel better. This includes the high tech trow away video camera and PC they used to make the video !
    Nice try tho.

  5. off grid means you do not have electric lines, gas lines, or water lines running to your land. Off grid means you are not on the electrical grid like everyone else. Does that make sense? He has to make his own electricity using solar or wind. The 12 volt he means is by batteries that store energy from his panels and turbine.

  6. He’s not spending money every month on “GRID’ electricity i.e. Power. He technically would be considered “powerful” because harnesses his own energy to his advantage. Propane is an amenity that allows him to cook and heat more efficiently without having to be in bondage as a debtor, paying utility bills out of ignorance and slothfulness. In fact he’s probably saving 70-80% per year, if not more, on fuel just by using his own. “Off Grid” is about not being a debtor.

  7. And the 10 year cost of buying and repairing…turbines, batteries, control systems….etc…would be ?
    What is the typical cost per Kilowatthour bought from the supplier in his area ?.

  8. Living off the grid costs too much
    Solar panels cost too much and the price payed is not worth it. It’ll take you 25+ years to pay off solar panels.

  9. “The hardest thing is just to do it”. Yea, that and having thousands and thousands of dollars just so you can “do it”. Very attractive and tempting but financially impossible for most people. Unless you wanna go into debt funding the whole project which kinda defeats the purpose.

  10. ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM ZERO-NOISE from the gears and the generator because they are silenced underground (Only the outer parts of the turbine may create sound.).
    This SAVES THE BIRDS AND BATS (since slow-moving) and helps the wind energy companies (since it is FREE FOR ALL.). ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM

  11. I love this! The power company never has “payback” like solar does! With solar, payback starts the minute you start generating your own power and stop throwing money down the power company sinkhole. See how I took my hot water heater off grid in this video or at my channel

  12. This guy isn’t really living off the grid. He’s just paying years worth of energy ahead of time. A very poor example of what truly “Off the grid” means. Check out other stories.

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