Here is a new music video that highlites the Scriptural Appointed Time which we now find ourselves in which is the Feast of Booths / Ingathering / Tabernacles / Sukkot, and the Last Great Day (Num. 29: 35, Jn. 7: 37 etc…….) that will take place on the 8th day according to the Word.

The theme of the video is about "Living Waters" during this wonderful Appointed Time as described by the Scriptures in so many places.

Here are a few verses that capture what "Living Waters" is all about, Yashayahu (Is.) 12: 2 – 3, 44: 3, 55: 1, Yirmeyahu (Jer.) 2: 13, 17: 13 – 14, Zekeryah 14: 7 – 9, Tehillim (Ps.) 36: 8 – 9, Mishle (Pr.) 14: 27, SHIR haSHIRIM / Song of Songs 4: 15, Yahuchannon (Jn.) 4: 10 – 13, 6: 54 – 56, 7: 37 – 38, 1 Corinthians 10: 4, Revelation 7: 16 – 17, 21: 5 – 7, and 22: 1 – 5, just to mention a few.

Parts of the music, and melody of this tune has a resemblance of an old John Mellencamp song, Jack and Diane. It is always fun to renew and restore old tunes into the Way of Yahuah.


4 thoughts on “Living Waters of Yahuah

  1. His name is Yahuah his son’s Name is Yahushuah his set apart spirit has poured this upon me sister …I am only eighteen and he is transforming my inward parts HalleliYahuah for he is REAL and I exalt his name above all, Who I serve?

    I call upon my Father YAHUAH, through His Son, Yahushuah  on their true Scriptural Names.

     I do it out of reverence, respect, honor and obedience to our Almighty Creator.

     I do NOT judge any believer who do not follow my example, and I trust that you will NOT judge me either.
    I serve the ELohim (Almighty) of Abraham, Yitshaq and Ya’acob.

    Thank you and bless you!

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