How do we avoid the selfish motives of the Israelites to ensure that the pattern of mistakes in Exodus are not repeated as we head toward “the age of redemption?” Michael Rood and Bill Cloud propose an intriguing solution.

PLUS… Michael and Steve Moutria discuss what it REALLY means to be a follower of Yeshua.

*Restoring the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith!*

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14 thoughts on “Locust, Terrorism, & Israel (with Michael Rood & Bill Cloud) – Shabbat Night Live – 12/02/16

  1. Wow, I think that the locusts have tens or hundreds of 1000 of small and bigger rockets now.
    At any time they will start to sting around again. We are in the end times.
    Shalom and be blessed

  2. Inspiring philosophy channel as put out a Xmas tree video with short second video time of Michael Rood as they are he of the channel which is a very good channel has done a two part Xmas videos and one is on their, thought I let ya all know.

  3. Do I know a thing or two about the Bible? Yeah, I think I do. I also know we are all trapped within our understanding in as much as, when we no longer accept what is written and we find ourselves trying to turn written words into things not said our journey in understanding truth stops there. When we put the breaks on “wherever that is” that’s when we stop learning… YHVH gave us a promise, that he will not give us more than what we are able… Shalom –

  4. If you notice the muslims are being spread around the world for destruction, that’s the pit being opened in my opinion, notice in the Bible it talks about the locusts, well it uses a man and his apparel as a description, notice where ever they put these muslims the government protects there islam with a vengeance, abadon is the head of islam….

  5. Arabia belongs to Israel where the sweet oil is? Syria has the worlds largest gas reserves and Assad signed an agreement with Iran to build a separate pipeline by passing Israel. America creates Isis because of the gas and oil in those nations.  America is a harlot of Babylon more interested in mind control on its own population than any other nation.

  6. It’s very interesting that you say Abaddon means “Destroyer” and also that you mention the locusts coming from Saudi Arabia. On my grandfather’s globe there is a city called “Abadan” located just North of Kuwait between the Tigris river and the Persian gulf. The word Abaddon is used only once in the entire Bible. It’s in Revelations 9:11 ironically. Revelations chapter 9 speaks of a star falling to Earth being the angel of Death and carrying the key to the abyss. It also speaks of the gold and oil which is a big part of why our troops went to Kuwait. Another thing I find interesting that seems to connect to this is that the Ute tribe ( Native Americans indigenous to Utah area ) have a legend about a star falling to Earth and causing the Tigris and Euphrates to come gushing out. Their legend also refers to that star as a “god”. The Utes got their name from the Apache word Yudah, which means “high up”. This is also where the state of Utah got it’s name. So could this all mean that this star spoken of in both the book of Revelations and the Ute legends actually caused an underground area where the locusts will come from? And isn’t the word “Abaddon” the only word for hell that was originally in the Bible?

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