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Sal's Baldovinos went through may religions and much confusion. Thanks to help from his wife, he ended up a Torah believer. With his friend Scott, they started a website with over 400 video teachings from different Hebrew Roots ministries. Scott's web site is .


7 thoughts on “Long Journey Led Him To The Torah Life

  1. my family thinks im crazy and that i interpret the bible on my own understanding….i have guided them verse by verse and given so much info that i feel as though i have toss God’s pearls to swine, because they still hold on to their erroneous ways. and they think i am crazy and following errors. i am so happy that there are others like me who are waking up the same way i did. barukh ata Adonai Eloheinu.

  2. Now this guy sounds like he sees things I’ve been upset about and, apparently, has resolved it. The constant politics and infighting, everyone biting each others heels, is such a big turnoff for me. Seeing so much of this makes me stumble, big time! I will check his site out to see if maybe someone can deal with these things without everyone given the power to constantly outdo the other guy. Thanks Paul,

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