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On my recent trip to Jamaica I met a man who has been the leader of the vegetarian society for many years and is a well-known person there. In this interview he talks about health and healing. Also about being vegan.

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23 thoughts on “Longtime Raw Vegan Talks About Eating Healthy

  1. Good video. Enjoyed the interview. I hope you and your family enjoyed your time in Jamaica. I am sure it is a beautiful place.

  2. This man is a TRUE Elder. Full of wisdom and truth. I’ve met old people before spouting bullshit and demanding elder-like respect but they have learned nothing in their wasted life.

  3. It is sad and frustrating to see that you cut the video of this wonderful man who probably answered your questions for free, while redirecting to a paid site…

  4. Do you donate your energy and information for free? How do you volunteer? What are you putting into the world to make it better and not charging for it? Take your own inventory and leave everyone else’s alone. If we would all do that the world would be a completely different place. Just sayin’.

  5. I possibly would have been very interested in becoming a subscriber had you not cut this video off in the way that you did. This is my first video of yours I have watched and I would have loved to see more but the way you “pitched” your site right in the middle of the guy’s sentence was VERY off-putting…especially to a new viewer of yours. Very used infomercial/car salesman-like… Not meant as an insult, just food for thought.

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