Last year I did a video about a longtime vegan doctor who now eats meat and fish. The response was mixed. Some people supported his decision and reason, others were upset and didn't agree with his reason. Today Dr. Jeff Hazim is back on the show explaining more about his switch back to eating animal products and talks about his current diet and why he suggest anyone who is dealing with sickness eat vegan.


19 thoughts on “Longtime Vegan Doctor Now Eats Meat (Part 2)

  1. I’ve learned a lot from vegans. I’m convinced that protein is over-emphasized in the diet, the RDA for calcium is not very important, and dairy products may be dangerous and should at least be minimized. I’ve also grown to respect the ethical beliefs of vegans just as I respect other cultures that are not my own. I’m sold on the idea of nutritious food, but not so sold on the idea of it all being raw. I’m still trying to figure it all out like thedurianking.


  3. how about a nice juicy greasy hamburger? with lots of full fat cheeseeeeeeeeee, with bacon strips?
    it may relax you instead of you being so pent up and freaking out over a comment like i made.

  4. roast beeeeeeeeeeeeeef and yorkshire pudding, with brussels sprouts and toppings and toppings of beef gravy. y
    yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. ice cream for desert?

  5. No, lol! It is not “criticizing people who disagree with you”… to scorn those who eat food proven to cause dis-ease (More importantly, he must not be aware of his own body). I remember a classmate in high school who decided to “become a vegan”- their lunch comprised of a small sandwhich baggie of about a half dozen each of celery sticks and carrot sticks. After two weeks of this misinformed starvation they remarked, “I tried the vegan thing man, and it did not work…” (lol)…

  6. Hey there, have you experienced “Fat Blast Formula”? (check on google) You will learn about the crimes we commit against ourselves. With “Fat Blast Formula”, you will discover how to shed pounds fast.

  7. Thanks for trying the ‘middle road’, like Buddha. Our bodies ARE animals. I’m a zero-guilt meat-eater because I don’t have any guilt about having muscles and organs similar to other meat-eaters. Native American tradition: “Vegetarian” means “Bad Hunter” Yo!

  8. Farm-raised goats, chickens, cows that give their life for my health and well-being will always have the Native American Thanks, to insure their Soul goes to the Great Spirit. The Circle of Life. That’s how it is. Don’t like that, then you’re disconnected from Life and its cycles. yo.

  9. Perhaps you should watch “How We Healed Cavities” by healthyfitmom. She was a breast-feeding vegan and her child was very ill, with rotting teeth, until she changed her diet. added liver, meat, bone broth. I really think you vegans are fantatical rather than educated.

  10. The very beginning of the bible suggests gods idea about what is ok to eat….no mention of meat. Aren’t there references to people being tested by dreams to see what their level of compassion is? I’ve heard an opinion about soy and yet the research suggest you’d need to eat above 8 servings per day to create the same damage as meat. Please be careful about representing gods opinion as justification for something that you like to do.

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