Jocelin Boutet talks about being set-apart and waiting for the right spouse. She has a heart to help others also understand what being set-apart is all about.

Jocelin is having an event in Ohio this summer called Purify 2013. Helping set-apart believer singles find their spouse. Check out the event details at


22 thoughts on “Looking For a Messianic Hebrew Roots Spouse?

  1. Hi Paul! I’m going to be in West Palm beach this Sunday (2/24) and I’d love it if you could sign my book (Health According to The Scriptures)! 🙂 You told me to remind you of this about 2 months ago. Let me know if you have any time. Thanks! Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Awesome! Absolutely awesome! What an ornament around your parents necks! Proverbs 1: 8&9. I am thankful that my daughter has you for an example. I am certain at 80 you will still be beautiful!

  3. Very tough to find Messianic ladies with this heart. I would love to go I can’t make those dates.
    Anything throughout the year? I look forward to the fellowship with single messianic males to interact with too.

  4. I’m waiting for Yeshua to come sweep me off my feet. He is my Yadid. YeshaYAHu / Isaiah 54:5.

    Revelation 20:6. The first resurrection is of the Bride. Yeshua comes to take His Bride and marry her. 1 Thes 4:17. The second resurrection is after the wedding feast (Luke 12) when all mankind is raised to face judgement. Daniel 12:2.

    YeshaYAHu / Isaiah 55:6

  5. I met my husband in a place where every christian said I would never meet my husband. I was not living a holy life and neither was he, but I came to the Father in sincere repentance and asked Him to bring me a husband and He did it. He brought us together and today we are living for Him. What I had to do was set aside my criteria of what kind of man I wanted to marry and let go entirely of control.

  6. So when looking for a mate, do not expect to find someone who is your idea of “perfect”, but let Yahweh choose the one who He is perfecting, because He uses our marriage as a means of perfecting us. Most of all realize that it is the heart first and foremost of concern, not outward holiness.

  7. what happen to the heart? so what if a woman wears makeup and is single.its in her heart what matters. im single and i don’t put on more and more make up to find a man. im more interested in serving God in the truth then finding a man. and im sure when the time comes God will send someone my way. if not then so be it.

  8. Trouble I have is the messianic church is extremely rare here and there’s literally no messianic men near me in UK. I’ve even tried dating apps and stated I’m looking for a man of faith etc and got no replies! No fellowships either apart from online.

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