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4 thoughts on “Losing Too Much Weight on A Raw Food Diet

  1. My problem is not the weight loss (that was great)- my problem is hair loss. I’m losing so much hair every day and it’s scaring me. But everything else is perfect – digestion, weight, skin, energy, mood, spiritual connection, preferring lighter foods, addiction to food/taste pleasure is going down, everything is perfect- my only problem is hair loss. I will improve my sleep to see if it helps. I also started taking a raw vegan protein powder by garden of life. Any advice?

  2. Hi I started eating raw food for almost 9 months about 85 percent of my weekly menu. I weighed 60 kg before that most of my life .after I started with the raw food diet I lost weight until I reached 51 kg I currently weigh 54 kg and I plan to do water fast in about a month and a half and was told that a weight like mine will not take responsibility and I can not fast beyond a week at The good case and I am interested in a longer fast😔. Do you have any ideas what to do and how to gain weight fast? Thank you very much!

  3. Thank you alot for addressing this !!

    You’re right about the not caring about what people say , I was growing concerned because one co worker had said to me three times “you lost alot of weight and muscle” and that freaked me out and got me concerned

    Also , protien does build muscle but only when you have enough carbs in you and plus the weight train and sleep yes


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