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    • +Jason and Montie’s YouTube Ministry They’ve said previously they’re not into being a shop, but they are willing to send the posters to you if you are a monthly donator. Their focus is the “Bible Project” itself and maybe once it’s done, the posters will come/be a focus?

  1. I can just imagine how many people will want to watch Revelations. I’ve read it once and everything is so fantasy like but also so real. But great work! I’m really liking all of the videos you do.

  2. How do I interpret the bible while having a bible study and making a poster of my own and should I go into deeper meaning or just go through the surface?

    • “The Bible” or as I like to call it “The Complete Idiots guide to being a pseudo-intillectual midget”, is a concept and has never existed. I would recommend you doing something useful with your life instead of running out your days on the anti logic hamster wheel for human victims known as religion.

  3. Guys i just want to take the time to say thank you for your service. A service for the kingdom of Jesus to expand that is blessing many lives, including mine. Every time i see a notification of a new video, i get so excited because i lean so much about the bible with simple pictures. It’s incredible to think how images can talk more than words. Thank you so much for taking the time to do all these. May God continue to give you all wisdom and courage to spread the gospel around the world.

  4. Hi guys. I’ve already set up my monthly donation and received a poster. So if I bump my support in $10 increments , do I get a poster each time? Shows you how much I LOVE these posters!!!

    • I too would love to see how the artworks are animated for the Read Scripture series!! Please include this in your next “Behind the scenes”.

  5. Love it guys. You are bringing more people in the kingdom through these great works. Keep doing what you’re doing cause it looks awesome from here in New Zealand – Aotearoa.

  6. You guys are so amazing for doing this. I am currently reading the Bible completely thru for the first time and you guys are helping me stay on track and interested. Thank you so much.!

  7. I appreciate how you guys have made the Bible lessons so clear and easy to understand. I think your lessons will be perfect for my our churches children’s ministry. Thanks

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