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24 thoughts on “Meat Eating Is Not Healthy

    • So you are a follower and never questioned anything? That’s ok if you don’t get it. Those who can really understand the human body better and your options can make a connection. Much respect for this video.

    • +na’ ah mean? Jesus walked on the water, do you do that? Jesus rose people from the dead. do you do that? Jesus died on the cross for my sins, would you do that, or better yet could you do that? Not to mention that he died at the age of 33, longevity and health weren’t his priorities.

    • +Yashua bar Yosef He has his ways through the scriptures in which he communicates. One is examples on how to treat people. Another is what we should eat. Fish and honey are good for us …

    • F.I.S.H. Paragraph 35. Food in the mode of purity promotes good physical and mental health. Such foods include (above all) fruits, vegetables, nuts, pulses, grains, roots, stumps (e.g. pineapple), flowers (e.g. cauliflower), seeds, herbs and of course purified water (or milk in the case of infants). Milk is intended solely for consumption by infants of the same species. Cow’s milk is for baby cows, not adult humans. The logic is overwhelming. Foods in the mode of passion promote indigestion and overly-excite the mind. Such foods are basically the same as above but with excessive amounts of oil, spices, salt and/or other condiments added. Most drugs such as caffeine, alcohol, black tea and narcotics (though hardly food) fall into this category. Food in the mode of darkness cannot rightly be called food at all. Such offal is putrid, decayed, overcooked or the remnants of another’s meal. Unnecessarily killing and/or consuming animals is an abominable action. It is not natural for humans to put dead animals like sheep, cows, chicken and fish inside their mouths. Sheep and cows are food for carnivorous animals such as lions, tigers and wolves and fish is food for marine and semi-aquatic species. Do humans live in the ocean? Of course not! Then why is it necessary for us to go into the water to find our food? Is that sensible? Not at all.

      To read the remaining thirty-nine paragraphs of “A Final Instruction Sheet for Humanity”, which the God of all gods has graciously given to His Prophet on Earth, email: with the acronym “FISH” in the subject field.

  1. I went raw carnivore 10 months ago i only eat a hand full of fruit once a week.
    My arthritis is gone there were times i couldent even pick up my coffee cup in the morning.
    Lost my taste for alcohol quit drinking and now it disgusts me.
    Feel great
    Need less sleep
    Exelent bowel movements.
    Extremely high sex drive.
    Don’t have to chew my food anymore.
    My rotten tooth never hurts on meat.

    I was never a real S.A.D. kind of guy i never ate fast food or processed food. I only shopped in the produce, meat, and seasoning departments when i shopped.
    I even quit coffee now i prefer milk, eggs, or blood as my beverage of choice water is a last resort.
    Fruit makes my tooth hurt.
    Seasoning is for cooked meat it taste to good on its own raw.

    I am interested in your thoughts
    I watched a lot of your videos back in the day. Love the beard i have beard envy.

  2. The Bible warns us that some people will try to say what God has blessed, man will try to say it is abominable. The Bible also says do not worry about food. We are fighting principalities. Who am I to tell someone what they can or cannot eat? My focus is to teach the Word. The Bible teaches of fruits, herbs, clean and unclean flesh, fasting and praying. Life has a way of leading us all to wanting to be more aware, awake, but it is faulty to think that if one consumes animal or by products of the like, that they are somehow less aware or awake, than another person. People are in all different stages in their walk of life, it is best we keep humility to humanity. So to say you don’t understand how someone could do something, it simply is not true…

    • The bible was written by fallible human beings, think for yourself and stop believing what a out dated book says. it’s a fact that meat isn’t healthy, why on earth would you still believe the bible when we have solid evidence to back this up

    • +Simon Phoenix down the rabbit hole, you’ve gone… why do you think media is pushing veganism… you think they care, all of a sudden? What you find fallible, is up to you…

    • thats mainstream veganism, which isnt healthy, the media will not promote a wholefoods vegan diet, or a fruitarian diet. The bible is definitely flawed, has so many contradictions and illogical concepts theres too many to list

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