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This is one of the most important messages I have ever made. it took me years of experience and hardships to have my eyes open to the spiritual revelations I speak about in this video.

I pray men take this message seriously and it helps you.

Men Beware of The Proverbs 5 Woman

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26 thoughts on “Men Beware of The Proverbs 5 Woman

  1. Young girls are naturally modest. Our society works hard to reprogram them, to all our detriment. The enemy knows how to weaken our men, so that there is no safety anywhere for us.

  2. SHALOM !
    I really enjoyed this message and can truly relate very deeply with all said The Most High saved me I had an experience with a proverbs 5 woman and I threw my Rivers upon the street unto the Most High saved me.
    The Spirit of The Most High has kept me safe to share with others what you are sharing today.
    Also too there are those who dress modest but spirits are still filled with bad intents to pervert the ways of The Most High and I was one who was deceived at that time because of what I allowed to happen and the perception I had behind what seemed righteous because of how it appeared and what it sounded like was more what caused me to fall the perception of what righteous looks and sounds like I was taken away in my own sin.
    I never realized the authority given until now and how important it is to discern as Yahuchanun said beloved believe not every spirit but try the spirits by the spirits to see wether they are of Yahuah.
    You are hitting every point of a testimony I shared a while back.
    It is so serious and so important !
    I agree to this message as a witness to everything your saying because I didn’t wait for the promises of The Most High to come to pass instead I took upon my own perception.
    Now I type this as an overcomer not condemned but convicted in turning away to do the right thing as The Most High helped me to not be an Ahkab to Yezebel as these two spirits flock together one weakened and another strong.
    I am thankful today but being made more aware than I’ve ever been in my life today.
    The Most High barak you ahki and bless you for giving these serious messages I am a witness to all you speak and also a witness of Salvation and how The Most High can spare and there is hope if we are willing to turn away from the sin which is true repentance to show Abba that we desire righteousness over fleshly pleasure.

  3. Beautiful Message Paul. How True. Even as a Torah Observant Man, I still have a battle… It’s everywhere. God’s Blessings and Shalom Y’all 🙏🙏🙏

  4. Thanks for this important teaching! I am a Torah Observant, Proverbs 31 following woman and can’t find a man that is looking for that. I’ve prayed for years for Yahweh to join me with a Torah Observant man but to no avail. So hard for singles like us to have a way to meet each other. So sad.

    • Matt 7:14 narrow is the gate and straight is the way, and there are few who find it, We are the called out ones, it is a testing journey but only for a short while, then we have Eternity with Yahweh and Yeshua, stay strong sister Michelle let Yahweh guide you, I will pray that Yahweh keeps you strong in the faith. …………..Shalom Shalom from Queensland Australia

  5. Paul you are clearly correct with what Yahweh’s scriptures intend for His creation and it’s so refreshing as a woman to hear a man speak this way! I pray Yahweh joins me with a good man just like you! 🙏🤗

  6. Great word! In today’s busy world everyone has their mind on everything but Yahweh’s Holy word. Deception is rampant because satan has everyone so busy thinking about unimportant things. Distraction is satan’s number one tool and he is a master with it.

  7. That’s a good message for up-and-coming young men and women but for somebody at my age who was a rebel I’ve had hundreds of Partners this message just made me depressed. Pray for me brother. Plus I have an abscess tooth that has made the left side of my face swole so where I can’t swallow hardly. Anyway I hope your message reaches the young folk who haven’t made the poor decisions I have in my life. I’m Torah observant now at least for the most part and I try more every time. Just pray for me shalom

  8. Please young men listen to this. I was a fool when I was younger. Paul is absolutely right you can’t forget something you see. Praise Yahweh for this message, and if you have fallen in to the lust trap . Please turn the Yahweh remember prayer as many times as needed because it will bring you closer to Yahweh.

  9. Loved this video will hare with my husband. This is why many relationship and fornication is so dangerous. Because when you finally get married there is not as much passion and appreciation .

  10. When I was young I wore a lot of makeup. I remember my sister’s best friend doing my makeup @ 13 and they were all wow you look like a model bla bla bla! Made me feel good and I wore it after that. It definitely didn’t match my heart and lead me wrong. We all looked at the glamour magazines that are seriously straight from hell!! I see people with makeup these days woman and men! They look like demons to me, the glam makup style really gives me an image of what I think hell looks like! All that look and smells you are talking about that they layer on are actually poisoning their bodies! Most of the make up is full of metals and toxins that are making people sick. The chemical fragrances are so toxic as well. They are some of the top allergens that there are. Essential oils are nice though:)

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