Michael Rood EXPOSED: The Confessions of a Cult Leader…

What was supposed to be an amusing adaptation of a 12-step program testimonial quickly turned into a sobering recount of the darkest days in Michael Rood’s career as “a paid professional false prophet.” Grown men sobbed at the end of the unexpected and unannounced confession. No one could have fathomed the depth of torment that rent the heart of the man who, today, so eloquently expresses his disdain for the Nicolaitan religious system.

Hear the bloody details from the man who survived the nightmare – and lives to steer others from the well-worn path that leads to destruction in one of the most captivating testimonies ever recorded.





24 thoughts on “Michael Rood EXPOSED!

  1. I watched this video about two yrs. ago this still one of my favorite videos from Michael Rood it explains his walk with the Yehovah and explains his passion for being brutally honest. Love you brother do not stop!

  2. I’ve seen this video few years ago and have pointed it out on many other channels for people who want to know why you do what you do that they should type this video in and watch and even if theirs things people or myself may not agree I always point to people to this one, thanks and maybe their will be a Michael Rood exposed 2 someday on your journey since then.

  3. I believe that very soon I’ll be with all my brothers & sisters in Israel as here in the UK in my own family & home, I have nothing & feel an alien as they all hate the Word of truth & believe I’m crazy. 2nd Seal of revelation= Iran bringing Americas/babylons judgement. I hope to see you soon my brother or anyone YEHOVAH leads me to. Shalom & thankyou for reminding me of who Messiahs family is. James Paul Brown

  4. Shalom Michael Rood, A deeper understanding for you! Genesis 1: In the Beginning The Hebrew Word for Genesis is BERESHIT. This Hebrew word reveals the following:  In the Beginning: Ben, Ruah and ABA  The Hebrew Word proves the Triune Godhead !  Y’shua is His name and In Him  Is the Salvation of YHVH  Y’shua’s Helper is Ruah God the Holy Spirit   Baruch ha Shem Adonai

  5. this is so great, and I have got my answers and my calling for last 3 years that is something same that Mr.Rood went through , and I have been waiting to get this answers and confirmation..

  6. YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER. I thank Jehova for your life! I have been thristy for the truth and nobody would tell me, but Jehova brought you all the way here to change my life and generations to come. I was tired of the water down, phony, happy word of Jehova. I praise Jehova with joy because for once in my life at 37 I feel free! Thank you brother😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Pastor Rood, you emphatic introduction does not identify you as a mainstream Christian convert. We are much more interested in your history in the Military and your choice to live in Israel. I’m guessing that you are an intelligence operative which is not unusual because the cult phenomena in the twentieth century is entirely a feature of intelligence and mind control. If you have an actual commitment to the truth of the Gospels then your progression spiritually will depend upon you unmasking yourself to the public. Not as a deceiver but as an outgrowth of your ministry.

  8. TWI Cult: Matt 16:5-6

    5 When they went across the lake, the disciples forgot to take bread. 6 “Be careful,” Jesus said to them. “Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.”

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