Michael Rood recently spoke at a conference hosted by Kingdom for Jesus, a California ministry serving Chinese-speaking audiences around the world.

The focus of the ministry is to study end-time prophecy through prophetic scriptures and current events.

Michael was the the SOLE speaker at this conference, which focused on the Ark of the Covenant and the Messiah's second coming — the audience was captivated!



14 thoughts on “Michael Rood speaks at Delegation of Chinese Pastors

    • It is called “The Hem of the Garment” and was released in the A Rood Awakening from Israel series 16 years ago. There are numerous Q&A on the topic as well. Enjoy it free of charge on our YouTube site and feel free to freely give

    • ARoodAwakening Very good teaching on the power and importance of tzitzit. But in the videos Michael made no mention of wearing them on one side. Does not the Torah say that we are to wear them on the corners of our garment? I know modern clothes do not have corners like the traditional tallit that is why most Messianic and Hebrew Roots wear them on their belt loops, etc. I am not saying it is wrong the way Michael is wearing them. I just have never seen anyone wear them the way he did in this video and am curious as to the reasoning behind it. Been listening to Rood’s teaching for years. Love all you guys and the work you do. Shalom!

    • It isn’t. This was a conference held by another organization in California. The conference is only once a year for Pastors from Asian countries and featured Michael as their main and only speaker in 2016.

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