25 thoughts on “Mike Tyson on His Vegan Diet- “I wish I was born this way.”

  1. we need also to protect the creatures in this world that cannot protect themselves, cows, pigs, chickens and fish have no say in this, we, as the ‘intelligent’ creatures cannot go on torturing and slaughtering them on such a huge scale when we KNOW it is wrong and we DON’T need to eat them to live.

  2. Paul can I tell me what vid’s to watch for a beginner who wants to educate himself on a raw vegan lifestyle . I want to change the way I eat but I want to educate myself with a foundation of info on how to do so before I start. Thank you Paull. Shalom

  3. You are completely wrong. 100% of our internals mirror that or a herbivore. You can’t even bite into the back of a live squirrel to get to that meat with your shitty little teeth.

  4. The karma proof is in the Pudding!
    I been Vegan for 20 years now, and have removed Leukemia and a bone disease that I was suffering with prior

  5. There is more protein in a bunch of broccoli than there is in a 8 oz steak.The steak is full of protein, but also horrible animal fats that go straight into clogging your systems.Whole foods natural plant based diet is what your body actually needs and craves.Rice,tofu,leafy greens,beets,avocado nuts and seeds.That is the secret to longevity,peace and clean health

  6. In a few years we will need to Protect All of Life, we should start now. Become a Vegans, then go further and become World Peace. The meaning of Life is to Protect All Life! Did anyone else hear the sounds of the Leather gloves hitting the Leather heavybag? Our Sisters and Brothers died so we can make these items, we must free all of Animals and adopt them and take care of them like they are family to us. This will save the World.

  7. I’ve cut a huge whole in my meat eating since researching veganism. I still eat it as of right now, but I plan on being completely vegan within the next few weeks.

    Every bit of food that I eat that was made from animals, I can’t help but feeling cruel now. I can’t help from feeling guilty, as though I had done something wrong.

    I decided I don’t want to be a part of it, so I’m quitting soon.

    • Well done. Im 20 years vegetarian, mostly vegan, since age 20. Dr. thrilled with bloods – says blood id like 20 year old. Ive aged much slower than my friends. Great health, fab skin, clear mind like Mike says here. Be careful with your iron and B12 levels – may need to supplement. Otherwise, no worries.

    • you weren’t vegan you had a plant based diet. vegans don’t switch back and forth whenever they feel like it. veganism is a philosphy not a diet. you were plant based

  8. “Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” – Albert Einstein

  9. Respect yourself, you respect animals and save and spare their lives… It’s vice versa.. Don’t make your body a graveyard for dead animals.. 😂

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