People often ask what exactly is the goal of Torah Life Ministries. I explain in this video the daily things that get done and the goal of the ministry. If you would like to continue to receive updates like this letting you know what is happening with the ministry please let me know.

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9 thoughts on “Ministry Update

  1. Shalom Brother Paul—-I Love This & You Also—- for taking the time to read to us and to teach us that WE need to read the Bible everyday and when ever WE can—So Yes I want the Updates as well—My Best to You and Yours Brother–Thank You–Shalom

  2. Mr.Nison, I am so happy you mentioned your children being your first ministry and admonishment for other fathers to too.Thank you for speaking to us here today.I thank God for your ministry teaching of our Saviour Yeshua, for you reading & telling us to read from the Letter every day.God bless you & yours continually,in Yeshuas name I pray,thank & praise!

  3. This is one reason I like Paul because he hasn’t gone ahead and created a congregation like some people do in the sole purpose of making money, and we see so many preachers doing that today all they do is ask for donation. It is true, I have been listening to Paul for sometime and he doesn’t keep asking for donation like some preachers do .. May Yahweh bless all of us listening to his (Yahweh) words , and public speakers like Paul who have the courage to go and street preach. We pray that more and more people get to know the truth about Yahweh and his plans for the earth, we ask this in the name of our King and lord of lords Yahshua…
    Also thank you Paul you have been a great source of encouragement to my family especially when it comes to health, and the Torah.

  4. I like the fact that you try and keep how the nation’s worship their gods out of the ministry. Most Christians don’t know the difference and they fall for all the nonsense out there.
    Satan attacks to kill us from so many directions now days, staying in His Word and doing His Torah seems to be my only defence.
    I’m concerned about the knowledge given to man by fallen angels, I want to homestead and live off the land without offending the Father with fallen angel knowledge. … any tips???

  5. I always thought of you Paul as a teacher/helper for beginners in Torah. This is where I learned about Torah and reading the Bible (all of it, lol) and your help with basic questions that almost every new beginner has, you are a good teacher Paul. Thank you.

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