12 thoughts on “Modesty According to The Scriptures Part 1

  1. @BlackMetalPoser
    21 And יהוה Elohim made coats of skin for the man and his wife and dressed them.
    Then Yahweh wasted his time I suppose or I know you could be wrong

  2. The Jewish marriage relationship began when the father decide the son should take a wife. It wasn’t a question of do you love her, tho it may have been one of the considerations. It was the father’s responsibility to select the appropriate bride for his son. The son was told simply to love her. Vows were exchanged between the fathers. The marriage actually began at this point, from here on the man is referred to as the husband and the woman the wife. Example – Mary and Joseph.

  3. Phase two – The Espousal period – it was a time when certain responsibilities were to be fulfilled by the husband and the wife. The husband was to go and prepare a place for the bride. The wife was to prepare herself, to be ready at anytime for his return. Both were to remain faithful during the espousal period.

  4. Phase Three – The Wedding Feast – that could take many days. After the conclusion of the feast, the final process began.
    Phase Four – the Conducting of the wife to the bridal chamber. This is were the two shall become one. Where their union would result in a brand new identity.

  5. Paul I have one thing to say, you are a raw food chef. I would love for you to teach me about how to prepare raw food to make it taste good, and if you are not willing, why just talk? I need some help. I need hands on. I have tried to eat raw but I can’t keep it up to be consistent, because I am hungry. I have followed your videos for years and you have yet to give us classes. Even scripture says if you feed a man he will eat that day, but if you teach him how to fish you’ll feed him for life. Put your expertise where your mouth is. I am a student here asking for hands on help, will you do it? I need to see how serious you are…… I am waiting for a response………Most of us can’t do cold turkey with all of these cravings. I need help! Put your money, your time and your talent where your mouth is…….Baruk Ha Shem I am waiting. I have desired and tried for years to lose weight and keep it off to no avail. What good is it in knowing the answer, but can’t implement it? This is the thing that hurts the most.

  6. 36 thoughts on “ What does the Bible say about modesty? ” Rachel G September 19, 2013 at 5:02 am. Yes, Yes, Yes, finally! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the 1st Timothy verse taken as an example of why women can wear t-shirts but not tank tops, or some version of showing skin like that.

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