5 thoughts on “Modesty According to The Scriptures Part 3

  1. good that you talk about it. i hope that someday there´ll be areas,villages or towns on this planet where a majority will be believers and you can go out on the streets without having to keep your eyes down in summer all the time ( nowadays even in winter)
    may peace and blessings in messiahs name be upon you.

  2. I am going to have to learn to sew! I have a sewing machine, but no knowledge of sewing. Wait a minute, who created sewing? Ahhhh! Light bulb moment! I’m going straight to the source!

  3. It’s so “timely” that I found this. Yahweh has been allowed me to learn about the Industrial Revolution and how so many things began to go so contrary to scripture… faster than any other time in history. It’s astonishing how society got “more” yet so many things began to fall apart.

  4. sin is sin for men and women women also look at men of if they are immoral so men need to follow Holy Spirit and not satan.

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