17 thoughts on “Modesty, Headcoverings and Torah

  1. @marlonjbroussard And what are its kabbalistic sources? I’ve studied kabbalah, and there’s nothing particular in this video particular to it that I’m aware of. Please share.

  2. Paul how do you deal with people thinking your a terrorist and cops stopping you because of your looks and cus you have long hair and a beard? please let me know.

  3. what does he mean that in Jamaica and the Caribbean they don’t wear a lot of clothes or they dress sensually??? maybe unbelivers – but not believers. Actually – being that my family comes from Jamaica I can tell you that people dressed much more modestly until they got satellite and then cable television. My grandparents were VERY conservative dressers. It’s all modern society and has nothing to do with the Caribbean.

  4. I love Paul’s teachings but I struggle to follow what Ralph Messer is saying when his own appearance contradicts his own teachings. I will continue to follow Paul, not this man

  5. I disagree as some men can’t grow a beard are they in sin because of that? NO! This man cut his beard in a design.

    Head Coverings are not a commandment! 1 Corin. 11:15-16 (NKJV) “…But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her; for her hair is given to her for a covering. But if anyone seems to be contentious, we have no such custom, nor do the churches of God.” If anything, Yahweh does not approve of women with short hair!

  6. In reference to shaving a woman’s legs, etc. there is nothing in the Torah that speaks against it! It is a personal preference I am certain would not send a woman to hell! Stop all this petty stuff & be concerned with sharing the good news of the great love of Yahweh & our salvation through Yeshua.

  7. Paul, be careful about Messer – he supports Paula White, Rick Joyner & a host of other false teachers & false prophets. More specifically Bishop Eddie Long who was caught sexual immorality with 4 young men (wife divorced him for good reason).

    Anyway Messer went to Long’s church & spewed so much false teaching its not even funny.

    Here is the link… watch?v=AVkoQHCXSK8

    Please consider distancing yourself from Messer – you will see why when you watch the video.


  8. But Paul what about women like me who are visual? There are men with their shirts off everywhere and that temps us and sometimes we fall. What can we do? Why is there a double standard in religious circles?

  9. sharing-with-love. common-sense&&practical.psalm121″1-8,psalm132’1-18,psalm2″7,acts13″33,heb.1’5,heb.5’5,rev.3’3,rev.22’16.yeshua-ha-messhyah.always-love-teddy.

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