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16 thoughts on “Monday Morning health update February 19th, 2018

  1. I have been watching and listening to people like you for a long time and sharing with friends . This week I saw a post on facebook , a man saying his feet were numb and so painful . I knew I had seen a video about this . I found it and posted it to him . It was about diabetes . He told me he has diabetes 1 . I shared another video with him , again about Vit B1 and how it is lacking in many of us but especially people with diabetes . I told him you have to take control of you and find what you need. His head is most probably to addicted to doctor knows best . I have share videos with friends who have diabetes , friend who have heartburn and they do not change . They still take the doctors tablets . Today I have made a post of facebook about diabetes and told people that in my job a a carer, I saw many people with diabetes and they never get better on prescribed medication . Bless you for trying to get the message out . The videos I watched about B1 were on Dr Eric Berg’s channel . Teresa Swann

  2. Thank you..found you via Torah following friend. Was just diagnosed, so looking forward to putting in the work…to see a transformation …You r right and I am so eager to learn how to help myself. Started eating clean about 6 months ago. But I have a long way to go and a lot to learn. But you have to be willing. Ya bless

  3. I hate the news. I have no choice but to hear it because at my work they have the TV on with news channel for customers. They won’t let us cut it off or change the channel. There’s nothing good on the news just depressing stories. Not that I don’t care but there’s nothing I can do about it so I would rather not know.

  4. Paul I have a question about water. I buy bottled water because I can’t afford a big burkie right now. That’s what I plan on getting me. But when I drink the water I feel very dehydrated. The more I drink the more dehydrated I feel. Cocunt water seems to do the trick but I limit it cause it’s a little too expensive. I like plain water just wonder why it’s not hydrating me properly. Is there something wrong with the water I am buying or something. Maybe it’s stripped of the minerals. What do you think. Thanks.

  5. whow thats quite a beard. i dont think ive seen such a beard. Good for you. now im listening because i need to listen to you. i lost my husband and children 10 years ago. my health has gone tto crap. ive gained so much weight. i do eat very well but im in so much pain i cant move. oh i almost forgot im a torah observant. about 25 years now. but im alone in my faith.

  6. well about doing what i love….cant happen. im a care giver for my 48year old daughter a havent had a day off in 17 years. i love her but i hate that i have no one because of her. so there is nothing i can do at all.

  7. Please advise…I have humming in my body, ears and head…any suggestions on how to cure it? I’m taking supplements and tapping my head techniques…but they are not working…plus getting numbness and tingling in my body too. I’m very anxious and keep praying for Yeshua to heal me…

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