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10 thoughts on “Morning Prayer 02-19-21

    • Brother Paul, thank you for leading us in our daily morning prayers again. You are a blessing.
      We all want to fulfill the fruits of the Ruach ( spirit, wind, breath) Ha Kodesh ( the) (holy) “The Holy Spirit”. We students will get more familiar with the Hebrew as we grow.
      Shabbat Shalom blessings on us all.

  1. Shalom
    Yahwah revealed something to me.
    Yeshua= salvation
    Yahshua= Yah(wah) salvation
    Yahushua= Yah(wah) is salvation

    Does anyone know if this is false information?

  2. @Torah Life Ministries, shalom brother Paul. Should I be recommending these christian movies you mention, if they all teach false doctrine on top of a beautiful message? Or should I recommend people stay away from artificial entertainment all together? Just wondering, because I don’t want to encourage anyone toward something that may cause them to stumble.

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