4 months before passing away, loving mother of two and wife Rachel Barkey gave a speech so moving, it'll change you forever. She gave her final message about dying and our Lord before a live audience, changing so many lives. Learn more about this wonderful woman at this site

“The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”
Learn more and get the series at this link:


27 thoughts on “Mother Dying of Cancer Gives a Godly, Life-Changing Final Speech

  1. Paul,
    I do not understand why you have posted this video on here.
    We know there are many many ways we can enable our bodies to beat cancer, so can you tell me why do we have this very negative gut wrenching account or this lady wrestling with her version of god?

  2. Yes, I thought the same thing…nice lady, but seems like she was given the death sentence and rather believed it from the orthodox med doctors. I get so angry when doctors tell people they “will die in so many weeks….”. Many people literally do die because their belief was that there is no hope of a cure. Seems like she wasn’t using any natural cures? Doctors are all ignorant and therefore are deceiving people into an early grave with a false death sentence. Cancer dies in alkaline body

  3. The woman was clearly ignorant and doesn’t know the King of Kings, and is only speaking death to all…why Paul do you agree with her?? Life and death is in the power of the tongue..She wishes death to all..She already knows everything because she has been judge!! Physical death is judgment..Now on the other side she is waiting for the second judgement, like all dead alike!! Choose Life People, God Hates death and doesn’t wish it on His Children!! Study the Scriptures!!

  4. Her body IS full of Acidity I guess.. Not everyone is blessed with the knowledge of PH.
    And listening to the doctors is the last thing I would do, and I would never give up.. but we are all in a web of life, and things are the way they should be, but we also have choice.
    If she’s alive, she must have met the right people.. MOVE THY LYMPH as Dr.Morse would say.. Bless her and all of you in every way!

  5. I SO agree with you. I haven’t watched all because it makes me sick to see the unnecessary drama and ‘gut-wrenching’ sadness. I spent many years of my life being pulled in by that but thank heavens no more. My heart does go out to her and her family …but it is ALL unnecessary. Even bit of not picking up her daughter, she could have sat down & snuggled her daughter close beside her. The tragedy is that she milks her tragedy – probably without even realising it. Ps.Ev’one has a unique God!

  6. This is a Great video ….. Her message is powerful ….. someday we’ll be there, We too will have to deal with the very subject that she speaks of ….. Hear the message

  7. Thanks for replying.
    Regretfully too many close to me have died in pain from chemo and radiation.
    If I want entertainment in seeing other people’s pain I would turn on the TV.
    My relationship with the creator does not involve a church.
    It’s Pauls channel and nobody is forced to view n up until this video it’s been very positive and hopeful and I thank Paul for his efforts.
    Everyone perceives their own reality in their own way so please explain what message you believe I may have missed?

  8. I think god would u to fight not give up … My husband is 4 stage cancer we fight everyday with god strength … And fruits and vegetables … Raw vegan

  9. the truth is, when its our time to go then its our time to go. you know some people can recover from cancer with little to no treatment? it happened miraculously to my uncle during stage 4 cancer. one day his tumor was just gone! if god doesnt want you to die then you wont. if it is your time, then unfortunately that is your fate. the best thing we can do is appreciate this woman because no matter what you do about cancer it is always going to be a fight, and she fought.

  10. What amazing faith! Rachel is now in heaven with the God she loves. This is a powerful message and a message of God’s Amazing Grace. We all, as Rachel pointed out, are sinners and undeserving of God’s favor. I’m so glad for her and her family that she knows Jesus and that she has the hope of eternal salvation and knows that she will see her loved ones again. God bless you all, and listen to what this amazing women says, because there is forgiveness of sins and life eternal, if you will believe.

  11. I have breast cancer brain bone and spine too it spread. I’ve was diagnosed over a year ago. Drs say I should have died 6 months into it but I’m still here. When I heard what I had the first thing I did was clenched my fist and closed my eyes and called on my Jesus!

  12. Why are there negative remarks towards this women ? All she did was speak about the saving grace of Jesus Christ. She hasn’t mentioned anything about throwing the towel in. If anything she is facing her cancer with incredible courage, she should be applauded for her bravery and the message of and hope of Jesus.

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