A tzitzit, or Biblical tassel, is made up of two simple macramé knots, and can be easily tied by school-age children as well as adults. This audio/video class will walk you step-by-step through the process of tying a full set of four white-and-blue tassels (tzitziyot). To follow the video exactly, it is helpful to have on hand a class kit of pre-prepared cotton cord (to make one full set). The kits can be ordered through .
To create fancier tassels, a brief instruction on braiding the loops is added at the end of the program (this requires longer cord than is offered in the kits).
To make multiple sets of tzitziyot, order skeins of blue and white cord from www.amazon.com . White =Takhi Cotton Classic Yarn #3001, and Blue =Takhi Cotton Classic Yarn #3870. Three skeins of white plus one skein of blue provides enough cord for about 28 sets.

Tzitziyot Student Package

Ptill Tekhelet store.tekhelet.com

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  1. Thank you for this professional instructional video on tsytsyth. Most how-to tsytsyth teachings on YouTube are poor in so many ways; but this video is very professional.

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