This is really an egg fruit coconut smoothie but the color came out like mustard. There is no mustard is there but it was delicious.

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Music by Joseph Israel


6 thoughts on “Mustard Smoothie

  1. Wow that fruit is beautiful… I am dying to move to Florida and grow a forest… I’m glad u introduced the fruit in its whole form… I have bought lacuma powder, but didn’t really know it’s unprocessed form…

  2. Last year I started to watch your videos n start eat more raw not completely but doing great on it . I had a brain injury 5 years ago n over coming concoctive issues headache feeling sick most food put me of . You have helped me so much I was on 5 drugs now on 1 , sleeping ok no coffee or sugar. Was size 18 now 14 thanks for the tips n sharing your raw life

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