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It is June 1st, 2020 I just completed a 30-day water fast.
I didn't let too many people know I was doing it but now that I am done I would like to share with you my experience, tips, and suggestions about fasting.

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27 thoughts on “My 30-day water fast experience

  1. Wow! You fasted for 30 days? I tried fasting, and couldn’t make it past 3 days, because fasting seems to increase my blood pressure, which I find strange.

  2. I was going to say, you look really, really thin, and your skin looks darker. Did you spend time in the sun? How is your gut health? But the most important question I think about it IS how was the spiritual aspect?

  3. HalleluYah 🙏 may our Heavenly Father continually fill you in spirit and shalom 🌸 thank you brother Paul for sharing (wow )🕊

  4. Paul well done I also intend to complete a 30-day water fast. Spiritually amongst this climate of plandemic threat of c-19 or the race disparities I feel that there is definitely a need. I was wondering do you post ValAsta Liquid Astaxanthin to the UK?

    • @The Raw Life Health Show Thanks for responding, I would like to buy a few items from your website including the ValAsta but it doesn’t calculate shipping and I live in London, what do I do ?

  5. Ive noticed when preparing & providing food for loved ones my appetite ceases even if was hungry when started which tells me I really wasnt hungry but unfulfilled

  6. I’ve been raw vegan for 11 years. A few years ago I did a 30 day (broken) fast: 2 weeks (water), then I ate for 5 days, and then I continued to the 30 day mark (water). I’m a runner, and I had saturated myself in books on RAW nutrition, so I wanted to try it. Upon finishing, I began eating really small meals (lots of blending & juicing). Although we feel (post fast) as if we can eat a lot (understandably), we actually cannot. I did not do it for weight loss (I’ve always weighed between 105-110 pounds). I did it to detox (although I have never had any bad habits, such as drinking alcohol, smoking, or drugs). Personally I have never had an enema, nor have I done colon hydrotherapy. From a spiritual standpoint, you’re right, we are NOT supposed to go around telling people that we’re fasting (I’m Greek Orthodox). I agree that praying and getting rid of toxic people in our lives is very important. Thank you for sharing Paul. 🙏🌱

  7. Congratulations!! Very amazing!! 30 days is a long time!!! I have only done three, but I am trying to work up to doing a five. Thank you for sharing your experience, and I. will keep you in my prayers on breaking your fast carefully, that is the hardest part. 😘🐇❤️😊🙏🏻😍🐈👍🧘‍♂️🍉🦋🏪🏃🥗😻🎊🎈

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