Last week I posted a video about my compost toilet. Here is the original uncut clips of the people I interviewed about it.

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5 thoughts on “My Compost Toilet Video Behind the scenes and bloopers

  1. I get your point but this is crazy. Bible is clear on disposal of the feaces. And no, u can not use it as a compost even if u only eat vegetation. You can get blind or paralysed this way.

    You can only use horse, chicken or rabbit pooh as compost.

    I’m not 100% on it due to lack of knowledge but this stuff perhaps doesn’t need much knowledge but common sense.

    • The bible says to bury your feaces outside the camp. Not flush it into your water supply. What you said makes no sense about getting blind or paralysed

    • The Raw Life Health Show Yes I know that but u can’t do that in the city obviously so it goes where it goes. Those pipes are not connected to our drinking water and if they are there is nothing u can do about it 4 we r in Satan’s kingdom here.

      You can get paralysed and blinded from the bacteria in the faeces. But perhaps it is when u eat meet even though I would inform myself and not risk it.

  2. I like your chanel but please don’t forget that God eate animals so I wouldn’t drop all that foolishness concerning food idolatry.

    Is good to eat healthy but we eat to live not other way around.

    If u r a proper soldier of Christ who bags souls for heaven like crazy u can eat Mc Donalds every day and give the organic food money to the poor and u hit 100.

  3. You are so right paul because eating especially pork,shellfish and all other foods forbidden in leviticus 11 on a regular basis is the cause of many,many diseases and death! And the modern medical community cant even figure it out! And if they do know scientifically they are not sharing this information! But we know the truth because Yehovah told us in the origional covenant! May Yehovah bless you and your ministry in the name of Yeshua!

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