12 thoughts on “My dream house in Australia #280

  1. This is such a great post! Love the home, and all its simplicity! There is so much in my personal like I’m trying to heal, so I can live a more satisfying, simplistic life. This is definitely inspirational. Thank you for sharing! =)

  2. I don’t know if many want to hear about this but I don’t use toilet paper and I stay cleaner than people that do. I adapted this after living in a couple Hindu temples in the US. I use a small bottle, like a small dish soap bottle with water in it. I squirt the soil off with it and wipe the water off with a damp cloth. It is much cleaner than toilet paper and more environmentally conservative. I still buy toilet paper maybe twice a year for my Guests that don’t or wouldn’t understand.

  3. @duwbryd I just notice how Americans are so concerned what they would do without toilet paper. Just watch a few survivalist videos and you will know what I am saying. it is always an issue and included in their survival packs. I have shared my simple method without much acceptance to say the least. Toilet paper is completely unnecessary and very disgusting.

  4. wow thanks Paul for sharing, I knew there was someone else out there that lived primitive like me. I live in NE PA and the winters get a little rough with this kind of living. I have been doing for the past 10 years no problem. My place is 600 sq ft and I only use about 250 sq ft in the winter to save on heating, No A/C,stove or Microwave in here

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