My Fruit Tree Back Yard Dream Coming True

From the first day I ever tasted a fruit right off the tree I was hooked. Now my dream of having my own fruit tree paradise is about to come true.


25 thoughts on “My Fruit Tree Back Yard Dream Coming True

  1. How amazing your yard looks and how fortunate you are. Can you give any tips on composting? I started composting in a bin in the winter and it was frozen. Once defrosted it it really muddy looking. What to do?

  2. P.S. Brother Paul just Promise me that when your Coconut Tree’s are fully grown that you attach a Net or something else under every Tree to catch any Coconuts that may fall, as you know I’m from Honolulu, Hawaii and I know how dangerous it can be. Nevertheless, this is so Cool, Awesome Work! Shalom.

  3. This is the most epic fruit tree garden! I can’t imagine how beautiful it is going to be when it is in full growth. Where in South Florida are you located? I am going to be moving to Florida in about 2 years and really looking forward to having good quality fruit all year around.

  4. amazing orchard. im still working on mine. you need to remove that grass and lay down Woodchips. grass is useless. woodchips would work better for you.

  5. that cylinder near the coconut tree is not safe move it before it grows up, it might take 6 – 8 years to grow and give you coconuts

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