13 thoughts on “My fruit tree paradise #255

  1. Persimmons require a bit of cold to fruit and grow well, so my bet is it’s too hot where you are. They’re a quasi-temperate species. Black sapote is actually a tropical species of persimmon (diospyros genus). There are also brown/black fleshed normal persimmons. You can grow them inland FL, but not by the shore.

    I highly recommend jaboticabas for limited space. Fruit 3x a year, and you can even make a trimmable hedge out of them – they fruit right off the trunk!

  2. “Jaboticabas” – nearly everyone in FL pronounces the word wrong, I have noticed. It’s a Portugese word, modified from the native Brazil Tupi language. Phonetically, it’s pronounced Jabbu-Tea-Cabbas. It means “where the turtles are” in Tupi – as the native turtles gather beneath the trees to eat the fruits off the trunk. – This is my favorite tree, there are a dozen or so varieties.

    Lit-chi is the chinese pronounciation. Lee-chee is a more americanized way of saying it.

  3. I recommend at least a 7-10 gallon size specimen, which will bear in 1-2 years if it is not already. Slow growers, smaller trees are a painstaking wait (mine took 7 years form small plants). If you can find a 15-25 gallon size, those will already be bearing age. Check out Pine Island Nursery (in your area), they have good prices.

    Plant them with a bale (3 cubic feet) peat moss in the hole, mixed with the native soil. They LOVE moisture and acidity. If the tree is happy it will be very lush.

  4. Jabiticabas can be kept about any size you like. I trim mine back to about 6 feet or so. I also keep the trunk (where the fruits form) exposed and free of branches. It’s actually a very good looking tree.

    I literally drain my sinkwater into my jaboticaba tree area, to water them regularly. That’s how much they like moisture. Hard to overwater, but they don’t really like to be dry.

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