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I predict today's video will get more comments of all my other videos. See for your self why. We have a special guest today, my brother! Also I try to explain to my brother why I poop in a bucket (compost) and I introduce my fruit trees. We had a fun time with this one. Enjoy!
WARNING; If you have a phobia of poop you may want to avoid watching this one!


21 thoughts on “My fruit trees, compost, and poop

  1. Paul, be very careful eating any raw ackee fruit. When the fruit yawns (opens), what destroys much of the toxicity in the arils is the exposure to sunlight. Cooking is what destroys the rest, trace amounts in the flesh of the fruit itself. I wouldn’t recommend eating ackees raw, but if you are going to, then make sure you wash the cream-colored parts thoroughly, and expose them to sunlight for awhile to destroy as much of the toxic aspects as possible.

  2. @RawFoodGuy99 – exactly, i would agree with this comment. People grow crops with cow manure, chicken manure, and horse manure – becasue these animals eat greeens, veggies., etc.( so poop from vegetarians is ok for compost).

  3. So your fruit is recycled poop and your poop is recycled fruit. I suppose after all this time of life on the world everything organic is just recycled poop anyway, so why not.

  4. cant remember when I last laugh this hard , your brother is so horrified hehehe, its normal thing in many Eastern country’s ppl go in fields all the time , and squat

  5. we have a biolet composting toilet. the waste heats up and breaks down into compost. we still put it in the compost bin. we use it on flowers and trees. prettiest roses around. good job paul. i also read the humanure handbook. you can read it on shalom by brother…

  6. Your right so many people are so programmed, they would never know what to do in a real life survival situation. Your brother is telling your wife that she is being brainwashed by you yet he does not even realize he is the brainwashed one. I love the humanure handbook and agree with all your composting ways. Love the fruit trees too!!

  7. righ on! More people should do this! But modern sanitation system is getting people to lazy and they prefer to flushshsh! 

  8. That was the most hilarious video yet. Your brother’s reaction was priceless! Oh my, I laughed the best belly laugh in a long time! Very informative though. Man it would be nice to live in an area where you could grow all those exotic fruit trees. I’m jealous!

  9. I predict a riot – i tunes live Lyrics: Oh, watchin’ the people get lairy / It’s not very pretty, I tell thee / Walkin’ through town is quite scary / And not very …

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