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My Mission

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6 thoughts on “My Mission

  1. A man died for you uh? I don’t think so scooter, the savior is the WORD made Flesh, not some punk man who fell into the flesh. There is the Word, there is man, and there is flesh. All three different. If you equate man and flesh as equal, then go to the man without legs and tell him you are more man than him because you have more flesh, but video tape that.
    You say a man died for you? But the Creator of all things says NO man can die for another mans sins, why?
    Because it’s MAN, and ALL men have fallen short.
    The Word never falls short. Am I fleshy,?yes. Are words fleshy? Not mine, how about yours?
    So only HE can make His Word flesh.
    Just sayin.

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