Have you heard of Natto? Have you tried it? What did you think?

Natto is fermented soybeans. Natto has long been recognized as one of Japan's most unique traditional health foods. Highly nutritious and rich in protein. For centuries, natto has been made using a specialized fermentation process by adding beneficial bacteria, Bacillus natto to soybeans. Fermentation enhances the nutrition of soybeans and develops a unique flavor and texture. Its physical texture is sticky and is a natural result of the fermentation process.


21 thoughts on “My New Favorite Gross Food: Natto

  1. Please update us on this! I’m 55 and found out that I have pre-osteoporsis, and have been interested in obtaining natto for its vitamin K2 properties. I rejected my doctor’s advice to get on Boniva, and thought just the vegan lifestyle would keep me safe…until I broke my ankle 2 months ago. Natto isn’t even heard of here in rural Arkansas, so if you learn how to safely make it, or have a good source online, I am interested

  2. I make natto out of peas, soy, or anything you’d like really. I can overnight ship it cold, or I also make a crumbly powder that is processed under 110 degrees for those who can’t handle the flavor and slimy texture but want the benefits. Message me if interested. 🙂

  3. Is it true 100% of all fruits and vegetables are genetically modified? I heard that Mankind has crossbred, and modified all crops, even organic food.

  4. I just subscribed to your channel because of your response to your first taste of natto, even without anything on it (no soy sauce, no mustard, nothing)… The average American looks for a place to regurgitate, which I find quite annoying. Natto is SUPER good for you, and because of that, a properly-focused taste should quickly learn to love it. I mix mine with a little bit of organic soy sauce and chopped green onion.

  5. Fermented soybeans do not hold the same health issues as non-fermented (such as the widely-consumed tofu, tofurkey, and other highly processed non-fermented soybean products posing as healthy alternatives to meat).

  6. Yes, it is, and it also can dissolve the plaque that builds up in the brain and causes Alzheimer’s. There are several good videos on YouTube I’ve found showing how to make it. If you have a dehydrator with temperature control, you can make it with that. (Bed, Bath, and Beyond has them for around $65, and Amazon has descent ones for the same price range)

  7. The soy beans have to be cooked. Most beans are toxic raw. So if you want everything to be raw, these won’t fit, but I’d suggest researching the health benefits before making a final decision. Even Jesus used an occasional fire to prepare healthful food.

  8. Hey there. I was looking for the link to the NaTto & didnt see it. Maybe you can send it to me please. & have you learned to make your own. Ultimatly. I would like to do that.

  9. We usually mix natto well with chopsticks before we eat it. The more you mix it, the better it tastes. We also add a little soy source before or during the mixing.

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