Here is how I start my day on a raw vegan diet


30 thoughts on “My Raw Food Breakfast

  1. Oh my! Paul, I love u, really, but u need to shave that beard! I would never let my husband leave the door or even kiss him with sooo much hair in the face. Still love u tho ūüėČ

    • +Mark Burton Mark you think I should trim my beard because women like 10 day beards? That doesn’t make sense either. ¬†My wife loves my beard just where it is at. ÔĽŅ

    • Well Paul, if your wife likes your beard the way it is,¬†then I guess you should keep it.¬† Happy wife…happy life as they say.¬† I just find that a neatly trimmed beard is best on men.¬† It brings out the handsomeness of a man’s face.

    • +Mark Burton
      ¬†Your eyes can be deceiving… Here is a tip on natural instincts…. Men with beards make women drop their wall barrier… It’s a womens natural instincts to believe a beard means alpha male so they bow down to the bearded man… Just like in the wild, the lion with the biggest beard has all the lioness following everything he does…. People don’t know much about natural instincts and how women’s instincts react when they see a beard… Now that I let my beard grow out, I have to turn down girls a lot more… Even though some may think it looks ugly, humans natural instincts cannot be chosen.
      A beard means it’s a man…. Not a boy, not a women.. but a man… Because only men can grow beards, and women want a man not a boy.

    • +Mark Burton¬†i’m all for hair as you said, it brings out the handsomeness of the face. but all faces women included. stop shaving world, it’s just tying you to your dispensaries¬†

  2. This is exactly how I make my smoothie in the morning. I put frozen bananas, modjool dates, coconut meat, coconut water and mineral drops. It’s so yummy. And my 2 yr old loves it too.

  3. Saying healthy fit people “can get away with eating more” makes it sound negative. The individualized approach like you also said is more accurate :). I eat waaaayyy more food then you do, but I require it. My body tells me so. I’m not getting away with it. Thank you for sharing you breakfast :). Sounds yummy!!!

  4. love the beard! much more full than mine ūüôā¬†

    i thought raw meant unprocessed, like uncooked. but you just processed food which included food which is processed?

  5. What about lemon water first thing in the morning? Also, I like to jog in the morning. Shouldn’t I have a piece of fruit for energy before working out or jogging first thing in the morning?

  6. I am in the process of learning about the raw food diet and have watched a couple of videos, but in each there seems to be a lot of sugar, albeit fruit sugar, but sugar nonetheless. There is a lot of evidence that the rapid ingestion of sugar or simple carbs causes a harsh insulin response which over time may be responsible for the inflammation that contributes to atherosclerosis. The real demon is that there are no outward symptoms for most people until their arteries are 70% blocked, often in later life and for some the first symptom is their fatal heart attack. I can see that some harm is offset by the fact you are not ingesting harmful animal fats etc; but this perpetual juicing or blending of large amounts of fruit doesn’t seem healthy to me. If I eat my fruit whole and natural I cannot eat so much of it, which is as nature intended and is less sugar spiking. For example, if you ate the four bananas you blended one at a time during the morning you’d have the same volume of sugar but introduced into your system slowly and possibly more attached to the fibre all causing a less dramatic insulin response. I wish you well.

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