• Donate • Unlike other languages, where letters have no meaning and words are simply conventional, Jewish mystics asserted that Hebrew is different. Each letter in the Hebrew alphabet has profound spiritual meaning and words are not arbitrary. This presentation examines the uncanny congruence between the Hebrew language and the world around us. We explore the meaning of Hebrew letters by analyzing their names, shapes, numerical equivalent and the significance of their first appearance in the Bible. The presentation also includes a fascinating look at startling gemmatrias and Biblical codes.
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15 thoughts on “MYSTICAL MEANING of the HEBREW ALPHABET 4 of 4 – Rabbi Michael Skobac (Torah Jews Judaism Shabbat)

  1. Since both Yad/Hand and David both have a value of 14 are we to understand that David, who unlike Solomon, rarely knew peace that David ruled through his Hand/fist?

  2. Hello, I was curious, where does one find the word “Torah” equidistantly in the last two books of the Torah? From the last tav in the each book? last hay? or first hay in each? Also, great videos, really enjoyed watching them.

    • Manuel Alonso “Torah” is written backwards in the last two Books of Moses. Find the first Hey (H) in the relevant book, count 7 letters and you find Resh (R), count another 7 letters and you find Vav (O), and the final 7 will take you to Tav (T). In this way you find Torah, in both of the two last books.
      If seven letters doesn’t work it will be 49; it’s late here. I’m pretty sure it’s seven though.
      Counting like this in the beginning of each of the five Books of Moses you have this symmetrical code:

  3. tell me of the letter shin it appeared to me like water on the cardboard on the inside of a tinfoil box not the tinfoil but the “parchment” in the box while I was cooking  and no one wrote it. what does it mean?????

  4. The Pharisees came to Jesus one day having read the prophets  about the “kingdom of God” and having interpreted them as literal, (Isaiah 11) they asked, “Jesus, when is the kingdom of God going to show up?” Jesus answered them saying, “The kingdom of heaven does not come with observation. You won’t be able to say look there it is, or it’s over here, the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:20)

    The teaching in Christianity about a literal 1000 year reign is completely Jewish. Jesus and the disciples never taught that. The Christian doctrine is taken from Rev. 20 and again is from a literal interpretation. The early church Fathers called this heresy Cialism. It was brought to America by John Darby and then adopted into the Scofield Bible. None of the early church
    Fathers taught a millennium reign. America was drowned in the doctrine with the
    Scofield Bible introduced in 1909.

    Christ came to change the heart of man. When the heart is changed then we can love God and our brothers with all our being. Only the Holy Spirit’s indwelling thru Christ can accomplish this. Jesus is not going to return to the earth as a Dictator and squash all the unbelievers. He will not
    lay down His Deity again. That part is over. He sits now at the right hand of the power on high. The proof of this was the total destruction of the Jewish politic in 70 AD, and the Temple has lain “desolate” until today, just as Daniel prophesied. (I.e. Dan. 9:26)
    The Jews teach that when the earth reaches perfection then their Messiah will appear and rebuild the Temple and Judaism will rule the world with all Gentiles as sub-ordinates. They make fun of Christians saying, “Where is this return of Christ you preach?” Next time they ask you that say, “Well, your Messiah hasn’t shown up either, it’s been just as long.” For the past 2000 yrs. the Jews have continued to live in fear, while the teachings of Christ have filled the earth. The kingdom of Christ reigns everywhere a human soul has accepted His call to “love their enemy,” and “do good to those who hate them,” and then surrendered completely to the Holy Spirit’s indwelling to accomplish it. The New Covenant of Jeremiah 31 is simple and clear. After God allowed man to see he could never achieve righteousness on his own, as the Jews still teach (i.e. self-righteousness); the human heart thru brokenness and humility cries out to God for forgiveness and mercy, then the Spirit of Christ comes as Jeremiah prophesied and writes God’s laws on the heart and in the

  5. Jesus was a Pharisee…not a evil Saducee who ran the temple for Rome then
    JC even quotes Talmud laws about healing and circumcision on Sabbath and says to follow all the laws of Pharisees many times…Sadducees rejected Talmud and killed hundred of Pharisees then…they are long gone today and only a handful of Kairites exist in Israel today who say Jerusalem and temple mount is on mount Gebzon not Moriah…weird huh?

  6. I enjoyed these series of teachings and although I am not Jewish neither do I consider myself Christian, I believe Torah is the foundation of all that should be Christian. I understand that out of Mitzraim cam not only Judah (Jews} but also the other Tribes and other peoples, hence a mixed multitude, The same were counted as one people when the covenant was given at the mountain. (Please correct me if I’m wrong). So, although not everything I accept blindly from any belief system I am humbled to sit at the feet of sages to listen to their wisdom as the Queen of Sheba did. Shalom…

  7. Inclusion of the niqqud (vowel points) would have been very helpful to those who are trying to learn Hebrew (like me). I understand that native Hebrew speakers know the correct pronunciation through normal use, but the niqqud would have made it so much easier to follow the written text for us beginners.

  8. The True Jews Are Very Blessed People Of The ALMIGHTY, Our CREATOR! The Heavens Declare The Glory Of GAD (GOD), And The Firmament Sheweth HIS Handy Work Psalm 19:1. Thanks For Uploading And The Lecture. Baruch Hashem ADONAI. The WORD Of Our CREATOR That Became Flesh&Blood For Our Salvation; ELISHUA; YESHUA, The TRUTH, The TRUSTWORTHY, The Only Way To GAD (GOD) The Most High! Peace Be With You. Shalom To All Of You. Be Safe. ~.~

  9. Actually if you read the megila carefully, you’ll notice that it is very simple; first it says that the ten sons of haman were killed in the battle. Then ester is asking the King for permission to hang the ten sons who were killed, not that they were executed by hanging, because they were already dead, but to hang their bodies for every one to see and take it to heart, not to mess with the jews.

    I would prefer that you just go over all the 22 letters and tell us about each one, why its shaped like this, pronounced like this, called this name, first time it appears in the torah as the beginning of a root word, etc. You go on about other staff, and get to mention only a few of the letters. Also the נקודות (wowls) must have secrets too which i would like to know, why their shaped like this pronounced like this, and are called this, you don’t even speak about them.

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