11 thoughts on “Natural Fibers and The Oxymoron Diet #336

  1. The insurance thing made me laugh because I always said that too……until….I was in an accident and shattered my left arm. 100 years ago they would have cut my arm off….but because of the miracle of surgery and titanium screws, my arm was reconstructed. Trauma is the only reason to keep the health insurance.

  2. Well, what about where the Bible says to stone witches, homosexuals, adulterers and “fornicators”? What about, in the Old Testament, where the father gave up his daughter to be raped in order to save a stranger?
    I understand why you want to follow the health codes, but what about the parts of the Bible where God orders people to do things that are illegal or immoral? Would you do it just because God said it or would your personal morals cancel those commands out?

  3. I use freecycle nothing like a outfit that cost $0 just my time to pick it up.
    Thrift shops are great since we are not directly contributing to paying slave wages for clothes made in places like China, Nepal, India or where ever.
    As far as religion goes I would say I am not that religious just a spiritual connection. Lost my strong commitment to being Christian years ago. Long story need not be said here.
    Thanks Paul

  4. I’ve heard you mention the effect of fabric material on frequency, what studies are you referring to when you say this has been documented?

  5. Linen supposedly carries a higher vibration or energy than any other textile besides wool, that’s why Buddhist priest only wear linen robes. I would be interested in what the frequency of hemp is, if anyone knows…. good video Paul.

  6. thank you for this Paul. I’ve been seeking this for a while. I’ve seen the silver and other emf blocking fabric but linen is much more affordable than those and yes, natural. I did upgrade my bed to wool bedding and cotton and silk pillowcases and i sleep much better, but I won’t be adding linen. linen clothing is better 🙂

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