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26 thoughts on “Never be ashamed to speak and stand

    • I believe that many people who are not spiritual/religious haven’t yet been enough experiences yet to plainly see how a higher power influences themselves and the world around them. God is everywhere if we take the time to slow ourselves down, observe, and self reflect. Life without faith is like life without color, and obviously salvation.

    • Consistent and on target as ever pastor Dowell. Just got back from a debate with a christian pastor and good lord did the spirits start rising as soon as i laid down some straitway truth – with evidence. He buried his head in the sand and would no longer look at the evidence but he sure had much judgement for me. This video surpasses what i was looking for today. Gods grace and shalom! The king is on his way!

    • PastorDowell i don’t and i wish i did now that its all said and done but i doubt he would have agreed to it being recorded considering how he reacted.

  1. Amen- way too many passive believers. Too many sheep and not enough sheep dogs!!!! Thank you pastor for your unapologetic truth telling and strength of character!!!!! We need a million more people like you!!!!!

  2. pastor Charles you are sounding the Alam waking the people up, this is what pastor Eddie long failed to due for the people and Jesus. you are a hard working pastor, you are helping all American people. I thank you.

  3. The young Turks are a Muslim show and they openly hate on the bible and anything that isn’t of Muslim faith. The only time they have good things to say is when is furthers their agenda.

  4. I’m(for lack of a better term)agnostic & I welcome knowledge & the truth in all it’s forms. I take issue with certain aspects of the bible but I don’t bash it, I read it. If I don’t understand something, I study it. If I don’t agree with something/someone I reason with it or walk away if reasoning isn’t an option.
    Peace to you brotha Pastor & keep speakin truth to power. The war rages on.

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