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30 thoughts on “Never Get A Marriage License Here’s Why

  1. If only there were more people with their eyes open to Biblical Truth. The government court system is part of the Beast system.
    Thank you, brother Paul for speaking on this topic.

  2. Interesting that you say “we’re not trained in this society for marriage.” I agree. Some friends of mine just got divorced and it hurt me to see them split😢. I said to them this society does not foster marriage. This society does the opposite.

  3. I don’t want to get to too detailed because my marriage is a mess right now, but part of the reason why I am seperated from my husband is the courts are keeping us apart against our wishes so I agree the state is very intrusive and because of feminism women have way too much power.

  4. I’m so thankful that Yah pulled me out of becoming a court reporter right before I was about to graduate, literally one Q&A away. The court system is run by masons and I’m so thankful I was not allowed to go that direction. No marriage license for me.
    And changing the subject, but if I had children, they would not be raised by the government through the indoctrination of the school system.
    I just love your shirt…..

  5. I hear you and understand. Too late for me and my husband. Would you advise that we divorce then? If we live in and use the benefits of that society then surely it’s the correct way to abide by the laws of that society? Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s no?
    Do I renounce my freedom to travel because my passport is given by the state?
    All sorts of problems would occur if I did this..
    only when Yahushua returns will everything be put right. I don’t think the struggles within marriages are anything to do with having a marriage licence and I don’t think getting a divorce would automatically fix and marriage either.
    I do hear what your saying though, I just don’t think I need to get a divorce to show my obedience to YHVH!

    • this video was more for people thinking about getting married. If you are married what’s done is done. I do know some people that got a divorce and the whole 9 yards but that was much work to do. I am not telling you what to do if you are already married but we can never be 100% free from the govt. we have to do our best to be free in the areas we can be.

    • really if Yahweh speaks to you and your husband about it and you both feel moved to do something go for it but if he hasn’t just be at peace that what’s done is done.

    • Torah Life Ministries thanks for your reply. I think if If have known what I do now I would not have gone for a ‘legal’ marriage. Yah bless and much appreciated. I enjoy your teachings and the interviews you put out.

    • that is another bag of worms we will . have to address but it is a good topic. If that is your situation good to do more study on this but if it is not don’t let it make your decision

  6. My husband and I just got married in June the way The Most High intended and we have been incredibly blessed for making Him the third party in our marriage instead of the government!!!

  7. Very controversial, but it’s a topic that needed to be addressed. However I do think in the light of Yahweh, it would be wise to go a little deeper in what the scripture has to say. In order to not cause confusion. Its sad to know that most of the divorces at this day & are believers. Once again Paul this is an eye opener to say the least I was married for 17 years & sadly divorced and if ever Yah ever decides to put a man in my life again He will need to be a very committed believer someone with a very firm conviction. Thank you for your thoughts on this delicate subject. Shalom!

  8. I agree although in today’s mindset, going outside of gov’t sanctioning (and subjection) is controversial — we’ve been caged rats a long time and people like their wheel.. lol.

  9. Yes Paul you make sense but many people who claim to be a religious person or walk with the Lord can be abusive. Some women and men use the scriptures to do what they do like maybe harsh discipline towards their children or men Lord over the wife to force submission. Yes they have to be in line with YaHWeH.

  10. I do understand some of what you’re saying however I am a bit confused because whether you’re married on paper or not if children are involved then the government can get involved as well if things aren’t going well between the mother and father (husband or wife). You don’t have to have a marriage license for a mother or fathers rights to be taken away when it comes to the children.

    • Chantal McDougal he’s speaking mostly from a place of pain. His thesis is fine, but his supporting arguments weaken his thesis as there are many holes. Yes, if a child has a birth certificate then the state can come and take that child away ……… whether or not the parents are married (legally or not).

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